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The Iron-Jawed Boy (Sky Guardian Chronicles) by Nikolas Lee

The first book of the Sky Guardian Chronicles series, "The Iron-Jawed Boy," by Nikolas Lee, is about a boy, who, after being taken from his family, discovers he possesses an incredible power.

Set in 2300, "The Iron-Jawed Boy" begins when young Ionikus Reaves is taken away from his family and sold as a slave. But before he leaves with his captors, his dad imbues his jaw with iron.

Ion leads a miserable life serving Sir Dread, a cruel, powerful judge, until one day a god, called a Guardian, takes him away to an island where the rulers of Earth reside.

"The Iron-Jawed Boy" has an interesting plot that has a good balance of slow-paced moments and exciting action scenes.

The characters, especially Ion, are well-developed and fun to follow.

The greatest strength of the book is its world-building.

Although it is a fantasy book aimed at a younger audience, there is a fair amount of lore in the book that is very engaging.

Overall, "The Iron-Jawed Boy" is a great read for younger fantasy fans or anyone who likes approachable, imaginative books.

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