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The Final World Order: Book Two of The Thunder Valley Trilogy

"The Final World Order," the second book in the The Thunder Valley Trilogy, is a fiction novel about politics and humanity that includes lots of adventure, action, and suspense.

One of the things that sets this series apart is that the reader is shown world leaders working together to save humanity. Most novels  paint world leaders as evil, so this series has felt very fresh to me. While in the first book of the series ("The End of the Computer"), the reader becomes familiar with the people of the valley and the enigmatic nature of advanced computer AI. "The Final World Order" gives the reader an indepth look at Eowyn's secrets and the rest of the characters from the first book.

As engaging as the plot is, it is the characters of this book that really shine. They are incredibly dynamic and well-written, and I found myself really....surprised at some of their decisions. Which is good. The last thing I want in a novel like this is predictable characters.

The one thing I must warn potential readers -- if you're going to buy this book, set aside a day to read it. It's that engaging. Overall, a fantastic read with well-rounded characters and an engaging plot, recommended!

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Mediums Guild by Lee Fishman

"Mediums Guild," by Lee Fishman, is a suspense/psychic novel about a psychic who finds herself in the middle of a case involving a mysterious disappearance

When Margo Fellshur does a psychic reading for a young pilot, she thinks it's just business as usual. But afterward, he informs her he wants her to find his missing sister. Margo describes herself as a psychic who only does garden-variety fortunes, but she feels compelled to take the case.

She gets help from her psychic group, the Mediums Guild, on the case, and the plot rockets forward. This novel has a great blend of suspense, action, and good story-telling. The psychic aspects of the story are well-done and fit perfectly into the plot.

The author's writing is descriptive and engaging throughout  the book. Overall, this a is a great book for anyone who likes suspense, action, mystery, and psychic stuff. Recommended!

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Last Light Falling: The Covenant by J.E. Plemons

J.E. Plemons' "Last Light Falling: The Covenant" is a contemporary fiction novel about fifteen-year-old twins who have been destined to change the world.

Arena and Gabriel Power lead relatively normal lives with the same worries as other teens. When their fifteenth birthday arrives, they are thinking about high school starting soon. But they don't realize that they are to receive a letter and key that will send them on a journey toward their destiny, entailing preparing the world for its final days.

This is a book you will enjoy from start to finish. It has some elements that are in the dystopian YA books that are popular today, but it has a fresh feel to it.

Arena and Gabriel work well as protagonists, and their unique personalities (one is sassy, one is geeky) make following them on their journey very engaging. The plot of the book starts at a moderate pace, but really gets going about a third of the way through the book. The writing in this book is top-notch -- descriptive, emotional, and compelling. You feel as though you felt everything Plemons wanted you to feel. Even his descriptions of day-to-day activities, such as sibling interactions, are spot-on.

This is a fantastic read that will make any fiction fan want more. Highly recommended!

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Unplugged by P.D. Quaver

"Unplugged," by P.D. Quaver is a YA novel about a group of teens duped into attending a summer camp that is not what it seems.

Billed as a means of getting teens over addictions to video games and cell phones, "The Natural Path" turns out to be the sinister Dr. Zarkov's elaborate kidnapping scheme. The kids find themselves on a remote island struggling to save alive.

The large cast of characters comes from a variety of backgrounds, which makes it easy for readers to relate to someone. The dialogue is realistic for teens this age.

The plot is engaging and well-paced, and it is fun to see the kids problem solve together. The action scenes are incredibly fun. Quaver writes in a manner that is perfect for young adults yet also works for adults (such as myself).

"Unplugged" is a fresh, engaging young adult novel that teens thirteen or older (and adults) will love. Recommend!

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The Sword of Agrippa: Science, Mysticism and the War on Innovation (Sampler 1) by Greg Lloyd

sword of agrippa, gregory lloyd
"The Sword of Agrippa: Science, Mysticism and the War on Innovation (Sampler 1)," by Greg Ness, is a speculative fiction novel sample about the driven Roy Swenson's battle to win back the culture of innovation and development that moved humanity forward for so long.

Swenson, a disillusioned former denizen of the Silicon Valley, is sickened by the stagnancy of research/advancement that resulted from a bureaucratic environment.

Determined to battle the arrival of a new dark age, he moves to Prague with a revolutionary plan. He is aided by the down-and-out SteveR, an entrepreneur who emerged on the wrong side of luck in the Silicon Valley, in Prague. In addition to his philosophical prerogative, Roy is driven by the tragic loss of a loved one in the past.

"The Sword of Agrippa" sampler, the first two chapters of the novel, gives you a feel for a story that draws heavily from science, technology, history, and philosophy. Make no mistake, this story is for the thinking person -- someone who wants be compelled to think outside the box while enjoying an engaging novel.

Ness writes with a descriptive, emotional voice that draws you in and connects you to the story.

If you like thought-provoking, well-written fiction, you must read the sampler and pick up the novel when it becomes available.

The Legend of the Black Rose by D.C. Cowan

"The Legend of the Black Rose"(to be released July 29, 2014) by D.C. Cowan is the first book of a unique fiction series that melds the genres of history and fantasy. Though written over thirty years ago by D.C. Cowan, the book has just been published recently. 

In the book, the spirit of the African Princess Kula Kyrni Kara who was kidnapped from her homeland and forced into slavery is known as the Black Rose from the legend.  Wanting her freedom, the Black Rose chooses Ciscely Raymond, her direct descendent, to be her bodily host and sends Ciscely back fifty years into the body of another woman from her church. "The Legend of the Black Rose" is a story about love, pride, racism, and spirituality, as well as a mystery as to how to retrieve Ciscely from 1930 and back to the life she knows is hers.

The book is written very well with a keen attention to character and plot details as well as the development of the setting of the fictional landscape.  The writing is also very creative in the way the author tells the story from the perspectives of the Black Rose and from Ciscely in different periods of time.

"The Legend of the Black Rose" by D.C. Cowan is a perfect new fiction series for you if you enjoy history and fantasy. Pick up a copy on July 29!

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Nightfall by Brian White

"Nightfall," by Brian White, is a mystery novel about a private investigator trying to solve the mystery of a prostitute's death with the threat of her own death looming overhead.

The main character, Ezzy Morgan, is a PI who quit her career as a paramedic after getting burned out. When requested to investigate a prostitute's death, she agrees apprehensively, but she soon she finds herself in over her head as a crime lord gets wind of her investigation and threatens to kill her if he doesn't meet her demands.

The plot gets moving fast and continues gaining momentum until the end.

One of the strengths of "Nightfall" is the writing. White writes with a punchy style and a very matter-of-fact tone, perfectly suited for the mystery genre. The characters, from the cocaine-addicted detective to the ruthless crime lord, are interesting to read about.

The dialogue is well-written, each character with his or her own verbal idiosyncrasies. The icing on the cake in this book is the dark, witty humor.

Overall, this book is a must-read for any mystery fan.

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