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STRUGGS by Brad Hecht

"STRUGGS," by Brad Hecht, is a young adult adventure set during 1775.

The main characters are an eclectic group of five teenage orphans, who serve the Patriot cause.

Each character has a unique talent to contribute, such as sailing skills and fencing abilities, and it is fun to see them use their different talents and grow as individuals along the way.

The book takes place in a variety of locations, from Bunker Hill to Puerto Rico to the streets of Boston, which keeps it interesting.

The writing is just the right level for young adults, with the good pacing and good descriptions.

The historical components of the book are grounded in reality and are compelling.

One of the highlights of the book is the amount of exciting action sequences, which are written flawlessly.

If you like historical fiction (especially colonial fiction) with lots of action, then "STRUGGS" is the perfect book for you.

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