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The Truth: Welcome to the Revelation by AD Infinitum

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"The Truth: Welcome to the Revelation" emphasizes The Truth that is important for our children and the planet, in the hopes of igniting a transformative and unifying movement among peoples.

The goal of "The Truth" is to achieve a new and peaceful world by dramatically changing our inner awareness and reviving our Essence towards peacefulness and fulfillment. The book is fundamentally a path towards a spiritual awakening by discovering The Truth with reflective text that asks readers to pause and think. We must wake up to what's happening around us, such as the common feelings of being lost in today's fast-paced society where we are "connected to soul-less pursuits" and the increasing prevalence of violence globally. We must break free from our Imposed and Foundational Connections and other limiting ways of thinking.

I really enjoyed reading this eye-opening and heart-opening book by an author who sincerely wants to share this positive message with the world.  "The Truth" encourages us all to be compassionate with ourselves and others. The text is easy-to-read and is organized into three parts. The first part is about the revelation of Life Giving Energy and Source Energy.  The second part centers on the evolution that is knowing one's true self. And the final part provides encouragement and motivation to join the revolution to create a new world. 

This is a book that will make you stop to think, search, connect, contemplate, and see yourself and the world around you in a whole new light with more freedom and more goodwill. 

Surreal Photography and Effective Advertising by Raqee S. Najmuldeen

Surreal Photography and Effective Advertising,  Raqee S. Najmuldeen, raqee s najmuldeen, surreal photography, surreal photo advertising
"Surreal Photography and Effective Advertising” is a must-read book for any designer looking for new ways of designing effective advertisements.

The author, Raqee S. Najmuldeen, writes about the benefit of using surreal photography as a means of coming up with innovative ads that reach out to the target audience.

One of the things I like about the way Najmuldeen organizes the book is that he starts with the basics of surrealism, covering its origins, the different styles, its role in photography and more, before moving onto its usage in advertising. Najmuldeen covers surreal photography in advertising in terms of the brand, message, and more.

Najmuldeen makes a strong case for the use of surreal photography in successful advertising using well-structured, concise writing that gives you the information you need in order to implement surreal photography in your own advertising. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone wants to take a fresh approach to advertising using surreal photography.

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Earclaw and Eddie by d. jude. miller

earclaw and eddie, d jude miller, children's book, monster children's book, funny children's book
Today's review is part of the "Earclaw and Eddie" blog tour.

"Earclaw and Eddie" is a humorous children's book with a bit of a spooky vibe that is sure to delight young readers.

The story follows Eddie, an ordinary guy who wakes up to find a creature named Earclaw on his head.

The plot follows Eddie's attempts at dealing with this monster living on his head. Just as Eddie thinks he's free, a monster named gnarly shows up. What is Eddie to do?

earclaw and eddie, d jude miller, children's book, monster children's book, funny children's book
Author/illustrator D Jude Miller.
Miller has a knack for writing an imaginitive story that is unpredictable and engaging, yet straightforward enough for young readers to follow along. The illustrations are beautifully done using a mixture of grayscale and vibrant colors to highlight the creepy characters. A lot of the illustrations are humorous, and are sure to get a laugh from young readers. I could see this book being read as a bedtime story.

If you're looking for a unique children's book with fun illustrations, "Earclaw and Eddie" is a good buy.

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Fort Ross by Dmitri Poletaev

Dmitri Poletaev's "Fort Ross" is a thought-provoking novel about a Russian reporter who time travels back to the southernmost point of the Russian empire in North America during the 1800s. The protagonist, Dmitry, based in New York, discovers that his iPhone allows him to time travel. He travels to the Russian fort called Fort Ross (which still exists).

At first, Dmitry just wants to document what he sees -- but he soon realizes he can change the future. His friends, Jeff and Margo, have very different perspectives about what should be done; together, they travel back in time in disguise ... completely unprepared for what awaits them. This is a novel that is imaginative and thought-provoking. The author does an incredible job of weaving together historical fact and fiction to create a story that makes you wonder about the past while entertaining you. Recommended for anyone who likes thought-provoking fiction with historical fact thrown in!

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How to Tame Your Ego and Fuel Your Ambition by Pamela Hamilton

"How to Tame Your Ego and Fuel Your Ambition" is a powerful book about controlling your ego to unlock the power of your ambition. One thing I love about this book is it starts with the basics, for example, explaining what the egoic mind is and how it impacts ambition.

As someone with minimal psychology background, I found this to be very helpful. Once the reader has an understanding of the ego, the author moves onto how to tame the negative aspects of the mind and fuel the positive aspects to stoke the flames of ambition. This book outlines a lot of info and covers a lot of ground, but the writing is clear and concise, making it easy to digest. My favorite thing about the book is that it's practical. It's information you can implement into your life to help you reach your goals. A recommend read if you're looking to harness the power of your ambition!

The Privateer Clause by Ken Rossignol

"The Privateer Clause" is a gripping murder mystery/thriller that takes place on the Sea Empress, a cruise ship. Marsha and Danny Jones are retired law enforcement officers who have been hired as security consultants for a cruise ship company. This responsibility takes them head-to-head with a group of unsavory individuals looking to wreak havoc on the ship. If I were to describe this book in one word, it'd be FUN! There's a ton of action, some humor, and plenty of suspense to keep you wondering what happens next. The story reminds me a bit of the Hart to Hart TV detective show. The cruise ship setting adds an interesting aspect to the story, and the author has done enough research on the setting to make it reasonable. If you're looking for a fun story filled with action, this book is worth checking out!

3 Women Walk Into a Bar by Linda Sands

3 women walk into a bar, linda sands, mystery novel, debut author
"3 Women Walk Into A Bar," by Linda Sands, is a murder-mystery that revolves around the peculiar deaths of three beautiful women…and the dead man with a gun beside them.

The protagonist, Bill “Free Willly” Tedesco, is a PI with a very unique past (he was a stripper...). As Bill delves deeper into what happened that night, the situation grows more and more complex. Sands writes in first-person with a film-noir tone, really setting the stage for Bill’s witty, cynical, and often-funny voice.

I’m a big mystery reader and was really caught off guard with the twists and turns of the plot. Excellent pacing. Sands has stormed into the mystery genre with this successful debut novel that is sure to delight mystery fans. A must-read!

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Libertine's Kiss by Judith James

"Libertines Kiss," by Judith James, is a romantic historical with elements of other genres. The protagonist, based on Earl of Rochester John Wilmot (played by Johnny Depp in 'The Libertine') is a cynical poet haunted by his past. A complicated young woman wins his attention, but he must first overcome his past to move forward with the present. There are quotes from Wilmot's satirical poetry throughout the book, which helps set the tone of the story. James does an excellent job taking the reader to 17th century England, and she has a knack for pacing the story with the perfect balance of crescendo, tension, and climax. She also writes some very steamy yet tasteful sex scenes. If you like romantic historicals (especially those with steamy scenes), I would highly recommend this book to you.

Bat in the Bunk by Elliot Sloyer

bat in the bunk, elliot sloyer, picture book, camp stories book, summer stories book, camp picture book
Elliot Sloyer’s “Bat in the Bunk” is a children’s picture book, based off the author’s experiences, that is sure to make readers think, laugh, and learn. This book, the second in the series, revolves around David and Elliot’s return to summer camp.

They find a bat (the flying, mammalian variety, not the lifeless, wooden variety), which sets off an exciting series of events. The story is written so that beginning readers can handle it, yet the book is also great for adults to read to children. The plot is fun and unique and sure to keep youngsters engaged.

I also like that the book touches upon a number of important themes, allowing children to explore these ideas and make decisions about them. The illustrations are well-done and complement the text well. A recommended read for anyone who wants a children’s book that is fun yet thought-provoking and sure to delight young readers.