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Magic Flying Carpet Adventure Books by Jamie Roy

The “Magic Flying Carpet Adventure Books 1-3 Collection: The Dinosaur World, The Magic Lamp of Aladdin, The Fall of Atlantis," by Jamie Roy, is a children's adventure series for ages 6 to 12 about eight-year-old twins who explore fantastic worlds with a magic carpet and tablet computer.

The main characters, Sarah and Daniel, travel to three worlds to acquire the three passwords that will unlock the alien secret of a metal bottle they found.

In the first book, a magic carpet flies the twins to the Dinosaur World 65 million years in the past. The action sequences with the dinosaurs are the hands-down highlight of this book.

In the second book, Sarah and Daniel bravely agree to help Aladdin save the Princess from the hands of the evil sorcerer Jafar.

The final book is set in the city of Atlantis, where the kids meet an alien named Captain Lucas, who takes them to explore the mouth of a volcano.  The story involves a mass evacuation, space travel, and ultimately, a clever plan that brings the entire series together.

The plot of the adventure stories is highly engaging and filled with detailed actions, and the twins display great teamwork, courage, and love.

The books are easy to read and understand and would be a great choice for parents to read aloud to kids. The images, which are colorful photos, greatly complement the text.

The “Magic Flying Carpet Adventure Books” is a fun and imaginative series recommend for parents and children looking to get into an early chapter book similar to "The Magic Tree House" series.

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