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Back to the Light – A Guide to your Awakening by Simone Illi

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About the Book
Simone Illi's "Back to the Light - A Guide to Your Awakening" is a powerful self-help book that teaches readers to use meditation and alternative therapies to heal themselves.

Illi learned from her own experience of overcoming addiction, depression, and unhappiness with alternative methods of healing, including meditation. Illi has years of experience in helping people find joy, happiness, and freedom from pain as she has been holding seminars in Cyprus for four years as well as six years of experience in her home country of Switzerland.

When asked to describe her book, Illi states it is A" book that can heal. A book that speaks the truth. A book that brings knowledge. A book that wants to be lived. A book that you can feel. A book full of wonders This book is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, but also as a basis for any self-discovery or healing seminar. "

The author incorporates a lot information about using energy, new age techniques, and meditation to heal. In a recent author interview, Illi states that her goal in her book is "make my knowledge available to many people and to explain how easy it is to heal one's soul and rediscover one's light so that life can be lived in abundance! My experience shows that nothing is as simple as living in love, joy, abundance and ease once you have recognized and understood what life is really about!"

One of the main aspects that Illi covers is how modern medicine has monopolized healing. She covers various ways to heal without the use of medication. Her seminars delve into treating pain with unique techniques that have made dramatic improvements in people's lives. For fans of Illi's work, they will be eager to learn that much of her German work will be translated into English.

In summary, if you're looking for a book that teaches you how to heal and improve your life with a new age approach involving meditation and energy, you'll love Simone Illi's "Back to the Light - A Guide to Your Awakening." 

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