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The Oracle's Journal by Dimitri Liountris

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Book Description
Suddenly, it’s a world flooded with magic and danger draws closer with every passing second. When the powers of sixteen gods are inherited by four teenagers, destruction is not far behind. 

In Maxton City, everything changes in the blink of an eye. When a portal to the Chaos Realm – a place of torment, a world of horrors – opens up over Maxton City Park, the monsters begin to appear. Then comes the First Queen of Earth. 

Unbeknownst to anyone, four teenagers have found the means to battling these enemies deep in the Cradle of Humankind. They have found the Amulets of the Spirits, artefacts that house the souls of long-dead gods and grant the four powers beyond their wildest dreams, creating the new Guardians. Using these amulets, they can take the forms of the gods, and wield power that would incinerate mortals. But even that might not be enough… 

Serena, the First Queen, the Demon Queen, is searching for the most powerful artefact in existence, an artefact capable of granting the power of a god: The Oracle’s Journal. If she ascends, then not even the guardians can stop her. 

And there’ll be no gods to help them for what comes next…

About the Book

"The Oracle's Journal," by Dimitri Liountris is an urban fantasy novel with interesting characters, an imaginative premise, and an engaging plot.

The story is set into motion when the powers of gods are given to four teenagers -- Blake Holden, Monique Bishop, and Jen and Eric Storm. When the book opens, the characters are your typical teenagers, but they come into their own once they realize magic has been woven throughout their lives and been affecting their interactions. Each character is an individual and brings their own unique attributes to the table. Not only does the reader get to see the unique attributes of each individual from the start, but also each characters' evolution as the story progresses. The characters have an array of powers, ranging from the elements (fire, water, wind, etc) to motion powers, such as telekinesis and gravity control. The seemingly normal teenagers are transformed into the guardians of sixteen different realms, and the readers gets to come along for the journey.

Pitted against the teenagers is a formidable antagonist -- Serena -- who used to be queen of Earth a hundred thousand years ago and now will stop at nothing to get her throne back. Unfortunately for the guardians, Serena is aided by powerful knights. To regain her power, Serena must search for the Oracle’s Journal, a book filled with several powerful spells, including one that can make Serena a goddess. One of the great things about Serena is she is a villain the reader can understand, not simply root against and hate. Her powers include six magical elements, including motion, lightning, and wind, and additionally, she is an expert sword fighter. Furthermore, she has been toughened by her one-hundred-thousand years in the hellish Chaos Realm.

The book is 1,026 pages, but the writing style, interesting characters, and fascinating settings make it not a difficult read. The books is filled with action, magic, and lots of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. Liountris shines with imaginative scenarios and a fast-paced plot. In short, if you're a fan of urban fantasy, you'll enjoy "The Oracle's Journal."


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