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At God's Mercy by Liron Fine

“At God's Mercy," by Liron Fine, is a suspense thriller that follows the journey of two 50-something identical twins as they travel through Poland, trying to piece together their past.

The novel is set in motion when Rabbi Jeremiah Neumann discovers he has a long-lost twin brother, who happens to be a priest.

The brothers put their religious differences aside and travel to Poland to uncover the details of their origin.

In Poland, they find an unexpected evil that manifests itself gradually, in addition to their history.

The plot moves quickly once it gets going, and it is exciting to see the brothers uncover their past as danger grows around them.

One of the strongest attributes of the book is its social commentary.

Fine has a knack for making the reader think about about religion, relationships, and human nature itself.

For example, there is a subplot involving Jeremiah's strained relationship with his daughter, Eva, who is romantically involved with a Christian.

The novel's ability to make the reader ask questions, as well as its ability to put the reader on the edge of his or her seat, make it a must-read for any suspense-thriller fan.

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