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Hunting Hearts Boxed Set by Melissa F. Hart

melissa f. hart, hunting hearts
In "Hunting Hearts," Melissa F. Hart has created a series that is romantic, steamy, and full of intrigue. The protagonist is Tara, a college professor who picks up a mysterious book that will change her life. 
The handsome, mysterious werewolf Mads Magnussen enters her life, and she finds herself experiencing feelings she'd never felt before. In addition to the romance plot, the series follows a complicated conflict between werewolves and angels that spans centuries.

Although each book does have an ending, they are definitely cliff-hangers that leave you wanting to read the next (hence the benefit of buying the whole set). If you're looking for a paranormal romance (especially if you're a werewolf fan), you'll enjoy this series.

Wildfire Creek by Shirleen Davies

shirleen davies, wildfire creek, historical romance, frontier romance
Shirleen Davies' "Wildfire Creek," book two in the Redemption Mountain series, is a historical western romance that follows the story of two characters in the frontier after the Civil War. After a demanding career in the military, Luke Pelletier moves to the mountains, determined to lead a relaxing life on his ranch as an untethered bachelor.

Luke's dreams change when he meets Ginny Sorensen, a determined, resilient young woman, who works at the local saloon. Luke and Ginny have great chemistry, but there's a lot to work out if they're to have a relationship. Davies does an excellent job capturing the feel of the era and the scenery of the mountainous environment. The plot has plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested, and the characters are engaging. If you like historical romances, take a look at "Wildfire Creek."

Franchise Validator by Donald Averitt

franchise validator, franchise book, how to buy a franchise
"Franchise Validator: Questions You Should Ask to Avoid Financial Ruin," by Donald Averitt, is a must-read for anyone looking into franchise opportunities.

The book is written with the purpose on educating potential buyers on the risks and factors to consider before making a purchase so bad investment isn't made.

One of the things I like about this book is that the author has a ton of experience in the field, and his experience shines through in the writing. The book covers a wide range of topics from what you should ask before buying a franchise, what to look for in a franchisor, and what to ask after review of FDD, among many other topics. The author covers a lot of information, but writes in a concise way so the info is digestible.

This is a fantastic read for anyone looking to buy a franchise and make a sound financial decision free of regret.

Omega Pathogen: Mayhem by J.G. Hicks JR

omega pathogen: mayhem, jg hicks jr, jg hicks, j.g. hicks jr
J.G. Hicks Jr's "Mayhem," book 2 in the Omega Pathogen series, delves into the origins of a horrible plague while also showing the aftermath of its spread on society. The virus, called the Siberian Cannibalistic Aggressive Rabies virus, turns ordinary people into killers.

The protagonist is Jim Matthews, a sharp, resourceful man whose priority is surviving with his family. Fortunately, Jim has plenty of survival skills, as a paramedic and former cop. The plot of the story is well paced with lots of action and suspense.

I love that the story switches from modern day with Jim to decades ago in the Soviet Union, to build the back story of the virus.

The author does a great job describing the virus and making the reader see how it developed into the threat that is putting Jim in danger. This book is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic fiction.

Winning Glory by Ann Gimpel

ann gimpel, winning glory
"Winning Glory," by Ann Gimpel, (book 1 of the GenTech Rebellion series) is a romantic suspense filled with twists and turns. The protagonist, Glory, is a genetically modified human -- a result of the government's experiments to create something to battle terrorism. But the project went awry, and Glory is on the run.

Glory finds herself on the run in the dead of winter when she's discovered by CIA agent Roy Kincaid, a man devoted to hunting those created by the experiment ... Glory included. An encounter you'd expect to end in a battle blossoms into love. Gimpel writes a story of unlikely lovers that has you wondering what will happen next. The chemistry between the two is unique and held my interest the entire book. I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys both suspense and romance in a novel.

How to Do No Contact Like a Boss! by Kim Saeed

kim saeed, how to do no contact like a boss, how to break up, how to break it off
We all know someone (or have personally been) in a toxic relationship. A controlling, happiness-destroying relationship. Yet it's still hard to let go. Instead, it's a cycle of breaking up and getting back together. Kim Saeed How to Do No Contact Like a Boss!" is a comprehensive guide, aimed at women,  to ending a toxic relationship and getting that toxic person out of your life.

"How to Do No Contact Like a Boss!" covers everything from identifying someone who is narcissistic to formulating a plan for breaking it off to how to deal with getting lured back into the relationship. My favorite section is about healing from a toxic relationship. What really sets this book apart from other books on the topic is that it gives you a specific plan that is easy to follow. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to turn a new leaf and move toward a better future!

The Pet Palace by Debbie White

the pet palace, debbie white
Debbie White's "The Pet Palace" is a romance novel that follows a young woman on her journey to fulfill her dream of opening an animal shelter, finding love along the way.

Protagonist Vanessa has been a huge fan of animals since a young age, so it only seemed natural to open a pet rescue center. When she contacts the dreamy Jason to be her realtor (because of her friend's advice), she finds in him a fun, wonderful person that she can't get enough of. The catch? He's hesitant to get into a relationship due to things in his past.

White writes a story that is fun, light-spirited and very engaging. I enjoyed learning about Vanessa's journey, in building her rescue center and in love. The romance is paced well with lots of good chemistry. I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance novels, especially if you're also an animal lover!

Celtic Stars by Delaney Rhodes

celtic stars, Delaney Rhodes, celtic novel
"Celtic Stars," by Delaney Rhodes, book 4 in the Celtic Steel series, is a paranormal romance set in 15th century island. Picking up where "Celtic Skies" left off, "Celtic Stars" delves into the lives of Jamie Burke, Darina O'Malley, and Flynn Montgomery. 

The story arc with Darina is my favorite in this book, although the whole book had me hooked (read it in two days). For those not familiar with the series, it mixes Celtic mythology with romance and suspense. I'd recommend you start at book 1, but it won't take you long to get up to speed. 

Rhodes really uses her writing skills in "Celtic Stars" to draw you into the story, and she does an excellent job weaving the various story arcs into one cohesive story. The series hasn't been released as fast I'd like due to situations in the author's personal life, but "Celtic Stars" more than makes up for any delays. I'd recommend this book to any fans of the Celtic Steel series!

The Fantasy Maker by Emily Kendricks

the fantasy maker, emily kendricks, women's fantasies
Emily Kendricks' "The Fantasy Maker" is a romance (with lots of suspense) about a woman who gets in over her head.

Steve and Emma have a wonderful marriage ... at least initially. Things change once the children coming along, and soon, Steve is dedicated to his work and absent at home. As the two drift apart, Emma finds herself at secretive club where women go to make their fantasies a reality.

After a few steamy sessions with her fantasy maker,  the handsome, exotic Dante, Emma realizes that the relationship is becoming more than just a physical fling ... she's falling in love.

Unfortunately for Emma, there is no easy solution to this predicament. Kendricks writes a story that is fun and engaging with a unique premise. The suspense deepens as Emma gets more involved with Dante, and the plot twists and turns quite a bit. If you like romance and suspense, you'll enjoy "The Fantasy Maker."

Last Train to Casablanca by Shayne Youngblood

last train to casablanca, shayne youngblood
Shayne Youngblood's "Last Train to Casablanca" is the second novella in the Youngblood series. The novella revolves around Youngblood, who is now in Casablanca working for the leader of a human trafficking clan.

Youngblood frees a young Indonesian woman to save her from being forced to work at a brothel, but when Youngblood's boss finds out, Youngblood is forced to retrieve her. Youngblood is faced with choosing between what he knows is right and what will keep him safe. The author does an excellent job of letting you see inside Youngblood's head, what drives him. The plot is paced well, with lots of ups and downs. I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a thriller/suspense novella!

Phases of Passion Series by Melissa F. Hart

melissa f. hart, phasses of passion, paranormal romance werewolf
Melissa F. Hart's Phases of Passion series will hook you from the beginning and keep you reading until you finish the series.

The protagonist is Erin, a young woman who falls for the new guy at the office, Sean. Sean is handsome yet mysterious. When Erin and Sean enjoy a steamy night together, Erin is sent on an emotional roller coaster ride, involving dark secrets and danger, that she could have never imagined. I'm glad I bought this series as a boxed set because I really enjoyed finishing each book and immediately moving onto the next one.

Erin and Sean have great chemistry, although they have ups and downs. The author, Melissa F. Hart, does a great job incorporating the paranormal element into the book. Each book ends with a cliffhanger, so be prepared to NEED to read each subsequent book. I'd recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a new paranormal romance series.

The Lean Enterprise by Trevor Owens and Obie Fernandez

the lean enterprise
"The Lean Enterprise," by Trevor Owens and Obie Fernandez, covers how to use the start-up mindset to grow larger organizations. The book merges the innovative mindset of start-ups with the established infrastructure of large corporations to increase efficiency and returns.

"The Lean Enterprise" really runs the gamut, covering everything from acquisition strategy to how to incubate projects. The book is organized with lots of bold subtitles and small sections to keep the material organized and easy to read. I also like that the authors include real-world examples, such as Twitter's acquisition of Vine, which helps the reader solidify the ideas. I'd say this is a recommended read for anyone who is interested in applying the start-up ideas and methodologies to their business practices.

The Book of Orm by A J Dalton

book of orm, nordic book, nordic mythology, a j dalton
A J Dalton's "The Book of Orm" is a collection of short stories, six of which are by Dalton, that feature Nordic themes. Although each short has a different plot, themes of mythology, choice, and heroism run throughout the collection.

A J Dalton uses a powerful, descriptive writing style to connect you with the characters. My favorite story is "From the Diary of St George," which revolves around a flawed character who explores the nature of sin. Nadine West and Matt White's contributions were also enjoyable shorts. If you enjoy shorts, especially those with Nordic themes, you'll love "The Book of Orm."

Devil's Move by Leslie Wolfe

leslie wolfe, devil's move, political thriller, terrorism thriller
"Devil's Move," by Leslie Wolfe, is a political thriller that kicks off with a bang and doesn't slow down until the very end. The protagonist, the jack-of-all-things-spy-related, Alex Hoffmann, finds herself caught up in an elaborate Election Day terrorism plot. The plot, set in a variety of locations, is filled with twists and turns. There is plenty of action and suspense throughout the novel, although plenty of time is devoted to developing the characters.

Wolfe does an excellent job of creating a strong female protagonist in Alex, a character that you root for from start to finish. The political elements of the story are well-done and draw you into the world of shadowy diplomacy and secret plots. This is a great book for anyone who likes political thrillers!

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In Too Deep by Stella Rhys

in too deep, stella rhys, erotic romance
Stella Rhys' “In Too Deep” is a romance novel about a young woman who discovers her longtime boyfriend, Jackson Kinsley, is cheating on her…right before their engagement. When 26-year-old Lara sees the video of her boyfriend, Jackson, cheating on her with his boss’s daughter, she freaks out.

Fortunately, Lara is able to recover emotionally, and soon finds herself involved with the handsome Jake…Jackson’s brother. The chemistry between Lara and Jake is steamy to say the least. The eclectic cast of characters keeps the story moving forward as lots of entertaining drama develops. Rhys does a great job of developing the characters’ back stories so you feel a connection with them. I also liked that the author put a lot of effort into capturing the Manhattan social scene. If you’re looking for a steamy new romance, I’d recommend this book to you.

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Save Invest Live by Omar S. Pharos

save invest live, omar s. pharos

Omar S. Pharos' “Save Invest Live” is an investing/money management book that teaches how individuals can get the most out of their income and investments and take control of their personal finances.

What initially attracted to me to this book is that it covers all aspects of money management from picking stocks to simple ways to be more thrifty. I found the section on bonds to be particularly informative because I knew next to nothing about them. The segment on the 10-20 Rule of Babylon is another favorite. Pharos does an excellent job of writing all the information in a concise yet thorough fashion. If you’re looking for a practical guide on how to manage your money, this book is worth checking out.

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Stolen Hearts by Andrea R. Cooper

stolen hearts, andrea r. cooper, cop romance
Andrea R. Cooper’s “Stolen Hearts,” book 1 in the Hearts Series, is a romantic suspense novel that grips you from the start and doesn’t let you go until you’ve finished the book. When new-to-town detective Kade begins investigating thief-with-plans-for-revenge Crystal, sparks fly.

Kade is a careful, thoughtful detective who is determined to get to the bottom of a mysterious set of burglaries targeting the board members of a wealthy company. Crystal, however, is an employee of the victimized company who steals to get more information about the man who had her parents murdered. Cooper does an excellent job writing believable, interesting characters that you want to learn more about. I was rooting for Kade and Crystal, though they have so many obstacles in their way.

The pacing of the book is on point, with adequate time spent on developing back stories while still giving the reader plenty of twists and turns. The plot kept me engaged, wanting to learn more, and the ending of the book is satisfying, but leaves you wanting to read the next book. (I know I will.) I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for a fresh romantic suspense novel with a fun, engaging plot.

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Break These Chains by Dawn L. Jackson

break these chains, dawn l. jackson, inspirational true story, inspirational book
“Break These Chains,” by Dawn L. Jackson, is the life story of a woman who triumphed over adversity with faith and determination. Jackson opens the book by giving readers insight into her difficult upbringing.

Jackson chronicles her long journey from the military to law school to working in the corporate world and ultimately to jail. Jackson’s journey was fraught with trials of all kinds, yet she maintained her faith and spirit throughout.

The segment on her time in jail was particularly inspiring for me. She maintains hope in a seemingly hopeless situation and comes out a stronger person. The writing is poignant and emotional, drawing you into the bleakness of the situation yet giving you hope.

If you're looking for an inspirational true story about someone overcoming trials with determination and faith, then "Break These Chains" is the perfect book for you.

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Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot by Patrick Hatt

arthurian fantasy book, max blizzard, patrick hatt
"Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot," by Patrick Hatt, is a fantasy novel about a character who is transported into Camelot's realm with the power of his imagination.

The protagonist, Max Blizzard, must set out with his friends to find the Gem of Camelot to stop the evil Sir Dreadvent. The story is filled with adventure and imaginative creatures and settings. Hatt does an excellent job of creating a fantastical world that draws you in as Max and his friends pursue their goal.

I really enjoyed reading about some of the famous mythical characters I'm familiar with (Hercules, King Arthur, etc) -- Hatt truly brings them to life in this tale. I'd recommend "Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot" to anyone who wants a whimsical fantasy book to read.

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The Accountability Conversation Habit by Quinn Price

accountability conversation habit, quinn price, speak effectively
Quinn Price's "The Accountability Conversion Habit | Creating a Personal and Organization Patter of Speaking Up Effectively" is about optimizing your conversational skills. Price explains how to make your conversations effective by focusing on positive communication and reducing emotional, reactive communication.

The chapter on de-escalating emotional reactions is the standout chapter for me because of my personal needs/weaknesses. There's a ton of info in the book, covering everything from motivation to organization.

One of the strengths of the book is that, although it covers a lot of material, it's easy to digest. The writing clear and concise.

I'd recommend "The Accountability Conversation Habit" to anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness of their conversations.

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Rat Island | A novel about terrorism in NYC by Jay Kaplan

rat island, terrorism in new york city, terrorism novel, jay kaplan
"Rat Island," by Jay Kaplan, is a thriller/suspense novel about a terrorist plot to detonate a bomb at ground zero. A group of highly trained SEALs is determined to foil the plan, using every tool in their arsenal to figure out everything they can about the plot and defuse it.

"Rat Island" is a fast-paced book with each chapter beginning with a place and a time e.g. 12:00 AM, July 23rd, Outside a factory in Gdansk. You really get to see the progress of the terrorists, which builds the tension as the SEALs race to stop them. I loved reading about the various settings.

Recommended for anyone who wants to read a thriller about a terrorist plot!

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Things You Need to Know About Non-Profits by Carleton C. Booker

things you need to know about non-profits, carleton c. booker, how to start a non-profit
If you've ever wondered how to start a non-profit and then took the next step and decided to start one, this book is for you.

If you've begun filling out paperwork to start a non-profit, you know how tricky it can be. Carleton C. Booker, in "Things You Need to Know About Non-Profits," explains the tax aspects of starting a non-profit in succinct, easy-to-understand language.

The book starts with the basics (what is a non-profit) and then moves onto the more involved info. The FAQ section answered a lot of questions I had.

The book is formatted well with lots of bold, underlining, and easily digestible sections. For me, formatting is a big issue for readability when the topic is dense.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who plans to start a non-profit. 

No Man's Land by Cory Toth

no man's land, cory toth
“No Man’s Land” is about a surgeon who confronts his past by returning to his hometown of Madison. 

Determined to extinguish an atrocity hiding in Madison’s forest, protagonist Hunter Fairchild and his friends embark on an excursion into the forest, where, in addition to facing whatever lies in waiting, they face their own secrets and shortcomings.

Toth employs flashbacks to fully develop each character’s back story. The character-driven plot really picks up speed as you learn more about everyone’s secrets. The twist ending is a nice touch, and I like that it’s a bit open-ended.

If you’re looking for a character-driven novel with adventure and mystery, I'd recommend this book to you.

Princess of the Indies by Wilbur D. Spencer

princess of the indies, wilbur d. spencer
Wilbur D. Spencer's "Princess of the Indies" is a historical fiction set in  the 19th century West Indies.

Filled with adventure, intrigue, and seafaring, the story follows a British sailor who is shipwrecked in the Indies. In a quest to find the Princess of the Indies, he encounters pirates and other sources of danger throughout his journey.

Written in first-person with a diary-like voice, you really get into the sailor's head, transporting you back to the time. I'd recommended this book for anyone who likes maritime/historical fiction novels!

The Mommy Mafia by LJ Charleston

the mommy mafia, lj charleston, mom humor, urban dictionary of mothers

LJ Charleston's "The Mommy Mafia | The Urban Dictionary of Mothers" is a hilarious look at the wide range of mom stereotypes. The book is organized so that each chapter profiles a different mom stereotype, from over-achiever mom to nanny mom to olympic mom.

Charleston writes with a humorous, witty voice that vividly paints each stereotype. As someone who grew up homeschooling, I loved the "home school mom" chapter. I laughed out loud many times. 

Regardless if you're a mom, if you want a hilarious look at mom stereotypes, you'll enjoy this book.

Still Falling by Martin Wilsey

still falling, martin wilsey, scifi book
"Still Falling" (book 1 in the Solstice series), by Martin Wilsey, is a sci-fi novel that follows the exploits of a maintenance engineer in deep space. Stationed on Ventura, a giant deep space survey ship with a crew of 2,000, the protagonist, Barcus, is among those ambushed in an attack during a scheduled planet survey.

Barcus survives the attack, but the others do not. He flees to the planet's surface, where he finds out the murders, and the murders-to-come, are part of a grand conspiracy. I enjoyed following Barcus as he struggled to find a way to stop the senseless murders. The sci-fi aspects of the story, from the descriptions of the technology to the planets, were done well and added to the story. The plot is paced perfectly with lots of suspense and mystery. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a fast-paced sci-fi novel with lots of action and suspense. 

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My Secret List of Sites that Pay by J. Goldenberg and E. McNew

my secret list of sites that pay, j. goldenberg
I've read a fair amount of of books about building and monetizing websites, only to get to the end where they recommend you join a pyramid scheme of some sort.

Fortunately, this is not the case with "My Secret List of Sites that Pay" by E. McNew and J. Goldenberg. The book outlines the basics of monetizing a site and getting it views (using a web-form, email marketing, etc). What I like about the book is that it talks about programs I've heard of AdSense, Amazon referral etc. I know I can trust these companies without having to take the author's word for it. Recommended if you're looking for a way to monetize a site and want to read what someone did to succeed after trying numerous options.

Long Blue Line by E. McNew

long blue line, e. mcnew, planned teenage pregnancy
E. McNew's "Long Blue Line" chronicles the journey of one young woman as she navigates a planned teenage pregnancy. The author, Elizabeth, after being inspired by the media, decides she wanted to become a mother. Unprepared for the responsibility of being a parent, the pregnancy triggers a downward spiral involving conflict, drug abuse, and other struggles. This is a poignant story that'll tug on your heartstrings from start to finish. Be warned, this isn't a feel-good story. The writing is no-holds barred. It's a story that many can relate to.

Fortunately, the darkness in the story was a learning experience for the author, and you can see plenty of potential for teaching moments throughout the story. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a powerful story.

The Watcher's Keep by Timothy Bond

timothy bond author, timothy bond, triadine saga, the watcher's keep
Timothy Bond's "The Watcher's Keep," book 1 in the Triadine series, is an epic fantasy that follows twins (a brother and sister) that are thrown into a conflict of epic proportions. The two main characters, Peter and Alex, two young kids with a thirst for adventure and knowledge leave their sheltered lives behind and go on a mission to recover pieces of the Triadine to unite everyone against the growing threat of the Dark Wizard.

One of the highlights of this book for me is the world-building. Bond creates a rich world with extensive back stories for all the different factions involved. I was reminded a bit of the LOTR series as I read. I also loved the cast of characters, my favorite being the witty, strong-willed Lynntania, although Peter is close behind. If you're looking for a new epic fantasy with a fascinating world and engaging plot, look no further than "The Watcher's Keep."

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Poka City Blues by A.L. Gibson

"Poka City Blues," by A.L Gibson, is a book about an African-American woman's experience growing up in Alabama during a tumultuous time. The protagonist, Sedelia , grows up in a poor family whose primary income is from picking cotton. Written as though the narrator is sitting across from you and sharing her powerful stories, the book really draws you into the era, the pain, the joy, the many memories.

From stories of intimidation by the KKK to stories of rape to stories of time with family, "Poka City Blues" gives the reader a full-spectrum look at one person's life during a troubling time. If you want to read an emotional story about a powerful woman who endured many trials, then "Poka City Blues" is a must-read.

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House of Secrets (A Bletchley Park Novella) by W. Len

w. len, house of secrets, a bletchley park novella
W. Len's "House of Secrets" is a historical fiction novella about the protagonist's time in Bletchley Park, the location of the English codebreakers attempting to crack the Nazi code known as Enigma. The protagonist, Robin, just wants the war to be over so studies can resume, but ends up tied up in the codebreaking effort.

"House of Secrets" is written in the style of a diary, which lets the reader see the experience of joining the codebreaking effort through the eyes of a newcomer. The famous Alan Turing is also in the book, and it was fascinating to see Len's portrayal of him. Len does a great job of breaking up the seriousness of the novella with moments of humor. If you like WW2 historical fiction, you'll enjoy this book.

Dark Beach by Doug Burris

dark beach book, dark beach, doug burris
Doug Burris' “Dark Beach” is a romantic-suspense that’ll keep you engaged from start to finish. Although you could read this one as a stand-alone, I’d recommend you read book 1 in the Coastal Carolina romantic mystery series first to get the full experience. In the first book in the series, “Young Love Lost,” we meet David Jennings and Mary Roberts on the beautiful beaches of North Carolina. They’re rocked by a tragedy at the end of the book, and book 2 picks up shortly after this.

David and Mary are trying to reconcile their past with the present when David comes upon a body on the beach. The body is the first sign of a series of murders that plagues the area. Although the locals are quick to point to the Wiccans as a scapegoat, David and Mary are wondering who the real culprit is. Doug Burris writes a novel that is every bit as engaging as book 1. With descriptive writing and interesting characters, Burris draws you into a romantic suspense filled with mystery and intrigue. I am usually pretty good at predicting endings, but this one caught me off guard. Recommended if you like stories with both romance and mystery.

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Beautifully Broken (Spellbound book 1) by Sherry Soule

beautifully broken, sherry soule, paranormal romance
Sherry Soule's "Beautifully Broken," book 1 in the Spellbound series, is a YA paranormal romance about a teenage witch's battle with the dark side of the paranormal. The book opens with the protagonist,sixteen-year-old Shiloh Tudell, face-to-face with a demon-like creature in her room. Immediately, I was intrigued. 

Soule provides just enough information so the scene makes sense, but she leaves enough out so you want to keep reading. Turns out, Shiloh is a witch with psychic powers. As the plot moves forward, Shiloh realizes there is a supernatural force with nefarious intentions in the mysterious town of Fallen Oak. Soule does an excellent job of juggling the various aspects of the story, from Shiloh's magick to her romance with town hottie Trent Donovan. Definitely a good buy if you're looking for a fresh YA novel with a paranormal element.

Piroz the ISIS Slayer by Sadia Barrameda

piroz, piroz the isis slayer, the isis slayer book, sadia barrameda
Sadia Barrameda's “Piroz the ISIS Slayer” is the story of one brave teenager's fight against ISIS. The main character, Ren, is a determined, kickass young lady who seeks to avenge the family members who died at the hands of ISIS. Unfortunately, ISIS is growing stronger and has stolen Ebola samples and plans to use them as weaponry. Partnering with Colonel Mark Thomas, Ren battles ISIS in a variety of locations in this story filled with action and adventure.

My favorite thing about the book is the main character. The author writes a character that is fun to read about, and her determination is completely inspiring. I also liked the many action scenes throughout the book. The plot is fast-paced and it only took me a few nights of reading to get through the book. Recommended if you want a fun, action-packed book about a real-world threat (ISIS).

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