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Ellie Firestone's "Super Sporty 3," book 3 in the Super Sporty series, is a fun children's book with an imaginative plot and lovable characters.

The story follows the adventures of two horses named Sporty and Harley. In addition to being part of a horse basketball team, they are superheroes who must battle evil robots. There is no shortage of action or adventure in this book!

The illustrations in this book are colorful and cute and are sure to delight younger readers. The text is arranged in short chapters. This book is beyond the level of a picture book, and probably would be best enjoyed by a reader 7 or above, or a younger child with an adult reader.

Overall, this is a great read for young readers who like action, adventure, and horses!

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In Search of Spice by Rex Sumner

“In Search of Spice,” by Rex Sumner, is a book that brings together historical fiction, romance, and fantasy to create a story filled with action, adventure, relationships, and endearing characters. The story follows the voyage of a carrack searching for the storied land of Hind, rumored to be rich with spices. 

The journey takes crewmembers to a variety of beautiful lands, meeting a variety of very different people along the way, from friendly to hostile to mysterious. Sumner does an excellent job capturing the essence of “culture.” Although the book is fiction, the descriptions have a historical feel to them, bringing a layer of realism to the book.

The maps are also a nice touch, making it easier to follow the voyage as you read. My favorite aspect of the book, however, is the eclectic cast of characters, especially the strong female characters. Sumner develops all of his characters, even minor ones, my favorite being the intelligent, determine Hinatea. I'd recommend“In Search of Spice" to anyone who likes books that transcend genre and have strong characters.

Future Cities by Stefano L Tresca

Stefano L Tresca's "Future Cities" springboards information about the dramatic growth of the urban population during the next 30 years and the tremendous opportunities provided by that change. 

Tresca interviews people, from a Chinese entrepreneur to an investment director to a startup CEO, among others. The interviews ask illuminating questions that bring the reader startling, affecting information. There's an interview about a tile company that can create energy from human footsteps that really highlighted the importance of forward-thinking for me.

At the least, this book will make you think about things you've never thought of before. At the most, it will prepare you for success in a changing world.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants a powerful read about the changes the next 30 years will bring.

The Immortal Coil by J. Armand

“The Immortal Coil,” by J. Armand, is a sci-fi fantasy (with action and horror elements) that follows a young man as his life is turned upside down by the arrival of otherworldly intruders. The novel opens with Dorian, an aspiring model, at a casting call. His life seems normal – the hunt for work, relationship with his family, experiencing a new place – until he sees a CDC van in his neighborhood. Strange, right? Turns out, it was just a small sign of what is to come – an encounter with terrifying mutant creatures. Dorian finds himself on a life-or-death adventure, learning about the creatures and trying to figure out a solution. He meets some interesting characters along the way, such as Noah, a martial arts expert whose weapon of choice is a short version of the katana. Armand does an excellent job balancing scifi/fantasy world building with lots of action and adventure. I’m a huge fan of fight scenes, and was pleased to learn Armand writes gripping, vivid scenes that put you right in the thick of the action. I'd recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of sci-fi fantasy with lots of action. 

Hopelessness by K.M. Lessing

In “Hopelessness,” part 4 in “A True Story,” K.M. Lessing once again invites readers to explore her no-holds-barred view of modern life, this time focusing on the feeling of hopelessness that arises when analyzing one’s existence. Lessing opens explaining that her book is aimed at people who find the common “escapes” from society, such as alcohol, TV, social media narcissism, etc, worthless, before diving headfirst into a combination of criticism of societal norms and reflections on her past. Some of the recurring themes revolve around religions, greed, sexuality, and shallowness, among others. A lot of the material is very relatable, such as the anecdotes about corporations nickel and diming the average American over every transaction (eg Lessing talks about the printer cartridge racket).  Compared to the other books in the series, this one covers a wider breadth of topics. The book made me thing about a lot of issues that I had considered before, but not analyzed. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to take a critical look at the way society operates and their own place within society.

Madman Across the Water by Caroline Angel

Caroline Angel's "Madman Across the Water" is a horror novel about an evil in the woods that is killing people... Whatever this thing is, it's not new. The locals have heard about it for generations, but it's behavior is becoming more drastic...more brutal. 

People decide to take a stand, but the thing in the woods is merciless and powerful. Does anyone stand a chance? Angel writes with bone-chillingly descriptive narration that paints dark scenes filled with horror. As is required for horror writers, she has a knack for building tension, making your hair stand on end at all the right moments. She also writes an eclectic cast of characters, none of which are immune to what lurks in the woods, which is important for allowing me to get immersed in the story. I'd recommend this to you if you want a fresh horror novel to read before your soon-to-be-delayed bedtime!

Gotcha!: Your Little Black Book to a Safer E-xperience by Dr. Sally Ernst

"Gotcha! The essential handbook on Cyber Security," by Dr. Sally Ernst, is a must-read for anyone looking to address the growing threat of cyber security vulnerabilities in their business or organization. Before you can address the problem, you need to understand.

"Gotcha!" does an excellent job breaking down the field of cyber security so that someone with minimal knowledge of the topic can understand it. There's a list of the different kinds of attacker profiles and their objectives that really sheds light on what your business/organization is up against. After granting the reader an understanding of the threats, Ernst goes on to the action items -- how to make your organization or business safe? The book is well-written and concise with visual aids, such as graphics and charts, that make the read easy to digest. I would recommend this book to you if you want to get the low-down on how to keep your organization or business safe from cyber threats.

Madcap Mulligan Jokes for Kids: Volume I by D.K. Nanook

Madcap Mulligan Jokes for Kids: Volume I, jokes for kids, funny kids jokes, clean jokes kids, clean joke book, joke book for kids, dk nanook,
I bought "Madcap Mulligan Jokes for Kids: Volume I" by D.K. Nanook for my nine-year-old niece (she's a big jokester), and she loved it. The print is relatively large and the formatting is easy on the eyes, perfect for young readers who aren't ready to sift through a bunch of text crammed onto a page. The jokes are clean and very funny. There's a good mix of different topics to keep the reader interested. Although the book is aimed at kids, adults will get a kick out of the jokes, too. 

Born Villain (Pelagius Game book 2) by R.J. Jerome

R.J. Jerome’s “Born Villain” (book 2 in the “Pelagius Game” series) is sure to delight readers with its unique blend of elements from multiple genres (fantasy, spirituality, adventure, etc) that expands upon the incredible world that Jerome built in book 1.

Timothy Anderson and Scott McCree return in this installment hoping to put an end to a power grab by Pope Orlandis, in which he hopes to become the totalitarian ruler of Earth. Jerome really ups the ante in this volume.

The stakes are higher, and the characters are driven by the knowledge that what they do – or don’t do –  can shape the future of Earth. Jerome does an excellent job incorporating elements from multiple genres seamlessly, and the plot twists and turns with lots of action. I'd definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a book that’ll make you think deeply while entertaining you with a gripping plot filled with action and adventure.

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The Secret Ecology of Sex by R. Vania

R. Vania’s “The Secret Ecology of Sex” addresses current issues in the world, such as the destruction of the environment and climate change, through the story of one woman's journey and personal growth. The main character is Laurel Bradford, who is faced with the task of taking over her husband’s furniture store after his death.

With the help of her husband’s former assistant, Megan Yates, and her wife, Laurel begins on a journey of empowerment and discovery. When Megan encourages Laurel to meet escort and environmental activist Dak Gordon, she explores her beliefs, sexuality, and desires, experiencing more than she could have ever imagined. Vania does an excellent job balancing an interesting plot with thought-provoking, well-researched facts about the environment.  A recommended read if you want an entertaining read that’ll make you think and inspire you at the same time. Looking forward to the next installment in the series!

My Quintessence by Jasmine Farrell

jasmine farrell, soulful poetry, poetry collection, my quintessence, senses poetry, the senses, emotional poetry,
"My Quintessence," by Jasmine Farrell, is a collection of poetry that makes you reflect, appreciate, and ... just feel. With artistic, soulful writing, Farrell explores topics such as identity, growing up, and love. Her style is upfront, playful, employing a narrative arc that takes you on a journey to get you to experience a wide range of emotions and people.

My favorite piece is "Strutting Freedom," an empowering work about getting over trauma that lets you see the narrator experience pain and fear only to rise up from the ashes "like a phoenix." If you're a poetry fan or just someone who values the human experience, I'd highly recommend "My Quintessence" to you.

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A Gateway to Hope by E.C. Jackson

a gateway to hope, Christian romance, diverse romance, e.c. jackson, ec jackson, hope theme, inspirational romance, interracial couple, marriage of convenience
“A Gateway to Hope,” by E.C. Jackson, is an inspirational romance with an engaging plot and a message of moving forward when faced with challenges. The story follows the optimistic, introverted 21-year-old Neka and 29-year-old James Copley; two people from very different backgrounds. When James’ fiancée leaves him the day she’s supposed to meet the family, James is in a predicament because his dad requires him to marry for him to continue to be involved with the family business.

Neka steps into the picture, and the two, each with their unique personality, force each other to face issues they had been avoiding, while opening new doors at the same time. Jackson has a knack for writing in a way that deals with real problems while still being optimistic and uplifting. The romance plot is paced well, with plenty of ups and downs, and Neka and James have great chemistry. If you’re looking for an inspirational romance, I'd highly recommend “A Gateway to Hope" to you!

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A Change of Heart by Lynda Gray

change of heart, medical romance, lynda gray, doctor nurse romance
"A Change of Heart," by Lynda Gray, is a fun, well-written medical romance that is sure to please fans of the genre. The story follows Guinevere Winter, a nurse having recently left Boston for a New York hospital. When she meets head cardiologist Dr. Jonathan Pike, her interest is piqued. Unfortunately, his traumatic romantic past gets in the way of him being open to a new relationship.

Gray does an excellent job writing characters that are believable and dynamic, and the chemistry between Guinevere and Jonathan is done well, with lots of ups and downs. Gray paces the story well, striking a balance between setting the scene and tension/conflict. If you like medical romances, you'll love "A Change of Heart."

Illuminarium (book 1 in the Soliloquy Labyrinth Series) by Truth Devour

illuminarium, paranormal novel, urban fantasy, truth devour
Truth Devour’s “Illuminarium,” the first book in the Soliloquy Labyrinth Series, is a fantasy/paranormal novel with a thought-provoking philosophical theme. The reader follows a psychologist, Harper, as she journeys into a mysterious world, explores her past, and finds herself in the midst of a push-and-pull conflict between good and evil.

With beautiful, philosophical writing, Devour manages to draw the reader into the main character’s mind as she navigates a variety of abstract concepts and ideas. The main character possesses a thirst for knowledge that is insatiable, despite struggling to see beauty in the world, at times. As readers, we are exposed to important ideas about introspection and moving forward while being entertained with a fascinating plot. A powerful, thought-provoking novel, I’d recommend “Illuminarium” to everyone who wants to read paranormal fiction that’ll make them think.

Circulus de Potentia (Magicae Mathematica series) by Jim West

circulus de potentia, magicae mathematica, female protagonist, math role model girl, jim west
Jim West’s “Circulus de Potentia,” book 2 in the Magicae Mathematica series, takes the reader on an adventure as our young hero races to find an enigmatic wizard to help her crack the secret of a mysterious symbol, which is the Circulus de Potentia. As in the first book, math and Latin play an important role in the plot. For those with a math/history background, you’ll recognize Pythagoras – for those unfamiliar with him, you’ll learn!

Alex’s journey is every bit as eventful as the first book, with her contending with wolves, a mysterious forest, and a perplexing maze. Fans of the series will be delighted to know that the Guardians and Archimedes have returned. West does an incredible job seamlessly incorporating mathematical ideas into the story so that even someone who isn’t interested in math can get it excited about it. The cast of characters is diverse and interesting, further allowing young readers to engage. Definitely a great read for young readers!

Evangeline | Sir Dred's Capture by Mason Renee

"Evangeline: Sir Dred's Capture," by Mason Renee, is a novel about a young lady's journey to save those she loves from an evil king. The novel opens with the protagonist, Evangeline, on the run as evil beasts called crorochers attack her village. Her parents are killed, and she finds herself on a quest to find her brother. Her quest leads her to the evil king, Dredromous, who does the unexpected...

Written in first-person, Renee does an excellent job writing a story that puts you in the head of the main character. With realistic dialogue and descriptive narration, you really get a feel for Evangeline's situation. The plot is paced well with plenty of twists and turns. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to read an engaging novel with a determined protagonist and a plot with a fantasy vibe!

A Taylor-Made Love by Kary Rader

kary rader, a taylor made love, new adult romance novel
Today I'm proud to feature a review of  the new adult romance novel "A Taylor-Made Love," by Kary Rader, as part of the Enchanted Book Promotions blog tour.

The novel follows Taylor Smith-Taylor, a twenty-year-old widow and cancer survivor, who has been tasked with running her late husband’s billion-dollar gaming business. The plot kicks into gear when things start heating up between Taylor and her handsome attorney Brad Richards.

The relationship between Taylor and Brad is complicated by high-stakes business decisions and shared responsibility over difficult negotiations. As often is the case with relationships, stress from outside factors can seep its way into the romance. Rader does an excellent job capturing this in a way that's engaging and interesting. The two main characters are well-developed, and as the reader, I really feel as though I understand the characters.

If you're looking for a fresh new romance, you'll enjoy "A Taylor-Made Love."

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The Truth: Welcome to the Revelation by AD Infinitum

the truth book, inspiring book, save the world book, transform yourself book
"The Truth: Welcome to the Revelation" emphasizes The Truth that is important for our children and the planet, in the hopes of igniting a transformative and unifying movement among peoples.

The goal of "The Truth" is to achieve a new and peaceful world by dramatically changing our inner awareness and reviving our Essence towards peacefulness and fulfillment. The book is fundamentally a path towards a spiritual awakening by discovering The Truth with reflective text that asks readers to pause and think. We must wake up to what's happening around us, such as the common feelings of being lost in today's fast-paced society where we are "connected to soul-less pursuits" and the increasing prevalence of violence globally. We must break free from our Imposed and Foundational Connections and other limiting ways of thinking.

I really enjoyed reading this eye-opening and heart-opening book by an author who sincerely wants to share this positive message with the world.  "The Truth" encourages us all to be compassionate with ourselves and others. The text is easy-to-read and is organized into three parts. The first part is about the revelation of Life Giving Energy and Source Energy.  The second part centers on the evolution that is knowing one's true self. And the final part provides encouragement and motivation to join the revolution to create a new world. 

This is a book that will make you stop to think, search, connect, contemplate, and see yourself and the world around you in a whole new light with more freedom and more goodwill. 

Surreal Photography and Effective Advertising by Raqee S. Najmuldeen

Surreal Photography and Effective Advertising,  Raqee S. Najmuldeen, raqee s najmuldeen, surreal photography, surreal photo advertising
"Surreal Photography and Effective Advertising” is a must-read book for any designer looking for new ways of designing effective advertisements.

The author, Raqee S. Najmuldeen, writes about the benefit of using surreal photography as a means of coming up with innovative ads that reach out to the target audience.

One of the things I like about the way Najmuldeen organizes the book is that he starts with the basics of surrealism, covering its origins, the different styles, its role in photography and more, before moving onto its usage in advertising. Najmuldeen covers surreal photography in advertising in terms of the brand, message, and more.

Najmuldeen makes a strong case for the use of surreal photography in successful advertising using well-structured, concise writing that gives you the information you need in order to implement surreal photography in your own advertising. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone wants to take a fresh approach to advertising using surreal photography.

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Earclaw and Eddie by d. jude. miller

earclaw and eddie, d jude miller, children's book, monster children's book, funny children's book
Today's review is part of the "Earclaw and Eddie" blog tour.

"Earclaw and Eddie" is a humorous children's book with a bit of a spooky vibe that is sure to delight young readers.

The story follows Eddie, an ordinary guy who wakes up to find a creature named Earclaw on his head.

The plot follows Eddie's attempts at dealing with this monster living on his head. Just as Eddie thinks he's free, a monster named gnarly shows up. What is Eddie to do?

earclaw and eddie, d jude miller, children's book, monster children's book, funny children's book
Author/illustrator D Jude Miller.
Miller has a knack for writing an imaginitive story that is unpredictable and engaging, yet straightforward enough for young readers to follow along. The illustrations are beautifully done using a mixture of grayscale and vibrant colors to highlight the creepy characters. A lot of the illustrations are humorous, and are sure to get a laugh from young readers. I could see this book being read as a bedtime story.

If you're looking for a unique children's book with fun illustrations, "Earclaw and Eddie" is a good buy.

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Fort Ross by Dmitri Poletaev

Dmitri Poletaev's "Fort Ross" is a thought-provoking novel about a Russian reporter who time travels back to the southernmost point of the Russian empire in North America during the 1800s. The protagonist, Dmitry, based in New York, discovers that his iPhone allows him to time travel. He travels to the Russian fort called Fort Ross (which still exists).

At first, Dmitry just wants to document what he sees -- but he soon realizes he can change the future. His friends, Jeff and Margo, have very different perspectives about what should be done; together, they travel back in time in disguise ... completely unprepared for what awaits them. This is a novel that is imaginative and thought-provoking. The author does an incredible job of weaving together historical fact and fiction to create a story that makes you wonder about the past while entertaining you. Recommended for anyone who likes thought-provoking fiction with historical fact thrown in!

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How to Tame Your Ego and Fuel Your Ambition by Pamela Hamilton

"How to Tame Your Ego and Fuel Your Ambition" is a powerful book about controlling your ego to unlock the power of your ambition. One thing I love about this book is it starts with the basics, for example, explaining what the egoic mind is and how it impacts ambition.

As someone with minimal psychology background, I found this to be very helpful. Once the reader has an understanding of the ego, the author moves onto how to tame the negative aspects of the mind and fuel the positive aspects to stoke the flames of ambition. This book outlines a lot of info and covers a lot of ground, but the writing is clear and concise, making it easy to digest. My favorite thing about the book is that it's practical. It's information you can implement into your life to help you reach your goals. A recommend read if you're looking to harness the power of your ambition!

The Privateer Clause by Ken Rossignol

"The Privateer Clause" is a gripping murder mystery/thriller that takes place on the Sea Empress, a cruise ship. Marsha and Danny Jones are retired law enforcement officers who have been hired as security consultants for a cruise ship company. This responsibility takes them head-to-head with a group of unsavory individuals looking to wreak havoc on the ship. If I were to describe this book in one word, it'd be FUN! There's a ton of action, some humor, and plenty of suspense to keep you wondering what happens next. The story reminds me a bit of the Hart to Hart TV detective show. The cruise ship setting adds an interesting aspect to the story, and the author has done enough research on the setting to make it reasonable. If you're looking for a fun story filled with action, this book is worth checking out!

3 Women Walk Into a Bar by Linda Sands

3 women walk into a bar, linda sands, mystery novel, debut author
"3 Women Walk Into A Bar," by Linda Sands, is a murder-mystery that revolves around the peculiar deaths of three beautiful women…and the dead man with a gun beside them.

The protagonist, Bill “Free Willly” Tedesco, is a PI with a very unique past (he was a stripper...). As Bill delves deeper into what happened that night, the situation grows more and more complex. Sands writes in first-person with a film-noir tone, really setting the stage for Bill’s witty, cynical, and often-funny voice.

I’m a big mystery reader and was really caught off guard with the twists and turns of the plot. Excellent pacing. Sands has stormed into the mystery genre with this successful debut novel that is sure to delight mystery fans. A must-read!

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Libertine's Kiss by Judith James

"Libertines Kiss," by Judith James, is a romantic historical with elements of other genres. The protagonist, based on Earl of Rochester John Wilmot (played by Johnny Depp in 'The Libertine') is a cynical poet haunted by his past. A complicated young woman wins his attention, but he must first overcome his past to move forward with the present. There are quotes from Wilmot's satirical poetry throughout the book, which helps set the tone of the story. James does an excellent job taking the reader to 17th century England, and she has a knack for pacing the story with the perfect balance of crescendo, tension, and climax. She also writes some very steamy yet tasteful sex scenes. If you like romantic historicals (especially those with steamy scenes), I would highly recommend this book to you.

Bat in the Bunk by Elliot Sloyer

bat in the bunk, elliot sloyer, picture book, camp stories book, summer stories book, camp picture book
Elliot Sloyer’s “Bat in the Bunk” is a children’s picture book, based off the author’s experiences, that is sure to make readers think, laugh, and learn. This book, the second in the series, revolves around David and Elliot’s return to summer camp.

They find a bat (the flying, mammalian variety, not the lifeless, wooden variety), which sets off an exciting series of events. The story is written so that beginning readers can handle it, yet the book is also great for adults to read to children. The plot is fun and unique and sure to keep youngsters engaged.

I also like that the book touches upon a number of important themes, allowing children to explore these ideas and make decisions about them. The illustrations are well-done and complement the text well. A recommended read for anyone who wants a children’s book that is fun yet thought-provoking and sure to delight young readers.