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Argosy by Jason Brandon

Jason Brandon's debut novel, "Argosy," is a Sci-Fi thriller about an apocalyptic virus from Asia and how a determined Cleveland, Ohio family adapts to the chaos in order to survive.  

The protagonist and father of the family, Jack, is a university historian who witnesses the sights and stench of death on the last day of the school semester, which is foreshadowed by a "death by plague" dream in the prologue.

Quickly, Jack gathers the necessary resources such as food, water, and medicines before rushing to ensure the safety of his wife, Emily, and their two children, Vic and Lucy. 

With the government and authorities disbanded by the killer virus, the family must fend for themselves in their 1,500 square-foot basement with no power and limited supplies. 

Nevertheless, Jack demonstrates his creativity and resourcefulness to keep his family safe often using keys from the historical past like the Black Death in 1348 to inform his decisions. 

The first-person narrative is captivating because it conveys a sense of immediacy and presence with the characters as they navigate the world as isolated survivors.  

Overall, "Argosy" is a perfect read for fans of the post-apocalyptic genre and dystopian literature. 

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  1. Fantastic read. A true gem of the genre and ended with me wanting more! A straight to the point drama, with no filler that keeps engaged until the end. A unique and one of a kind take. Love you hear more from this author soon