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Immortal Weaver by Sophia Myers

The first book of The Fate Weavers Trilogy, "Immortal Weaver," by Sophia Myers, is a contemporary fantasy novel, based on Greek mythology, that grips the reader from the start.

Set in Boston, the story revolves around young, intelligent Kathryn McDounough, who is working on a journalism internship at a regional newspaper.

Her most important assignment is to interview a reclusive author about his new book on Greek mythology.

During their first interview, Kathryn is surprised by the author's peculiar claims about having had visions that predict the end of the world, as well as other strange occurrences.

Although Kathryn is initially skeptical, she soon finds herself a part of supernatural phenomena, such as predicting a car crash before it happens.

Myers is talented at capturing mood with her writing, and there is a tone throughout "Immortal Weaver" that leaves the reader with a haunting feeling, wanting to know more.

Another one of Myers' strengths is her ability to pace the plot -- "Immortal Weaver" is fast-paced and never loses any speed.

Overall, "Immortal Weaver" is the perfect book for anyone who likes fast-paced, fantasy-themed novels.

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