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The Secret of Sinbad's Cave by Brydie Walker Bain

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Brydie Walker Bain's "The Secret of Sinbad's Cave," book 1 in the Natnat adventure series, is a treasure-hunt adventure young readers are sure to love.

The main character is the adventurous young student Nat Sheppard. When she is informed that she'll have to leave the farm she loves, her sister Kathleen suggests they go on one last adventure. When Nat and her friends discover a secret room with maps holding clues to treasure, they go on an epic adventure ... with professional treasure hunters hot on their trail.

One of the things I like about this book is the large cast of characters, allowing all readers to find someone to relate to. The characters go to a number of whimsical, exciting locations, such as the unique Glowworm Caves.

I'd recommend this book to young readers (8 - 15) who enjoy adventure/action and interesting characters.

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Barbara Baker by Steven Hugh

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“Barbara Baker” by Steven Hugh is a novel about adjusting to life after an extraordinary event.

The story follows Barbara Baker, a nurse whose life is turned upside down after a vicious attack.

Hugh does an excellent job of letting the reader into Barbara’s mind, granting the reader insight into her decisions and thoughts.

One of the things I love about this book is the relationships are developed and nuanced. If family dynamics are important in your novels, you’ll like Hugh’s approach to writing characters.

Another area where the books shines is in the writing itself. Hugh incorporates subtle details in his writing that give his narration an authentic, real-world feel.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes character-driven novels with an emphasis on family and a dash of suspense.