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Parakeet Reviews is a free new book reviews blog with the goal of connecting readers with books they'll love. Who would enjoy our site? Simply put, anyone who has said, "I need to see new book reviews book recommendation." Whether you're looking for a romance novel, a scifi novel, or a picture book, we've reviewed a book in that genre.

If you own a Kindle, we've got you covered. You could practically call us an ebook review blog because most of the new book reviews do are available for the Kindle.

Our goal is to become the best new book reviews blog we can be, providing you with recommendations for books that you will love. If you're someone looking for book recommendations online and want to tell us what you're looking for, we'll see if we can review it. Alternatively, if you're an author, publisher, or publicist requesting a book review, check out our policy on requested book reviews. Once you've done that, send us a handy-dandy electronic mail by visiting our contact page.