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Dawning Passion by Elia Mirca

"Dawning Passion (Web of Secrets)," by Elia Mirca, is a suspense novel, with lots of romance and sex, that will have the reader riding an emotional roller coaster.

When Julie, a young, newly married student in Cologne, agrees to an extramarital fling, she anticipates a meaningless one-night stand.

But in reality, her one night of passion triggers a descent into horrors she could have never imagined.

While her husband is away in California, Julie finds herself navigating a slew of difficult circumstances, involving lots of sex and money.

Written in first-person, the book's writing is fitting for the story, beginning in an almost playful way, but then turning dark as the plot thickens.

There is a fair amount of humor, in the appropriate places, which brings some light to the story.

The characters are interesting, and it is easy to choose who to root for and against.

If you like thrillers that explore relationships and sex, then "Dawning Passion" is the perfect book for you.

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