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Taking Wing by Clemency Crow

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About the Book
As part of an Enchanted Book Promotions tour, we are reviewing "Taking Wing," by Clemency Crow. 
This is a middle grade adventure novel that follows protagonist twelve-year-old Freya. She lives a seemingly normal life, including karate classes and loved ones, until she encounters a mysterious boy who has yellow eyes. This mysterious character introduces Freya to a world she couldn't have ever imagined -- complete with powerful guardians embroiled in a battle that's limiting their potential.

middle grade, enchanted promotions, taking wings, taking wing, taking wing book, clemency crow, middle grade adventure, clemency author kids books, kids litFreya quickly immerses herself in this new world, finding a home in a castle and making good friends with the crow tribe. Life isn't perfect for Freya -- there is a destructive shadow within her that prevents her from experiencing peace. She labors with her friends to fix the turmoil within the guardians ... but it is no easy task. Readers will find themselves anxiously turning the pages, wanting to know what happens next. 

One of the things I love about this book is Crow's writing style. She is able to juggle humor, action, and world-building seamlessly, really drawing you into the story. Another aspect of the story is the strong character development. I felt connected to Freya and Elialdor, wanting them to succeed and worrying when things weren't going their way. The pacing of the book is also well-done -- not too fast, not too slow. The book opens with a flashback from the past of a dramatic funeral scene that sets up the rest of the book. From start to finish, the book manages keeps up at a steady base with a decent balance of down time, action, and mystery. The end of the story does not disappoint -- leaving you thinking yet still satisfied. 

middle grade, enchanted promotions, taking wings, taking wing, taking wing book, clemency crow, middle grade adventure, clemency author kids books, kids lit
Author Clemency Crow.
If you're a fan of fast-paced middle grade adventure stories, then "Taking Wing" is surely worth checking out!

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The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family by Dipa Sanatani

About the Book
Dipa Sanatani's  The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family is a spirituality / young adult fantasy novel that anyone who likes their YA books with a side of mythology is sure to enjoy!

The story follows the Little Light -- a curious, innocent soul who personifies many of humanity's universal traits -- fear, courage, love, apprehension. The reader follows along as the Little Light learns, grows, and overcomes. Luckily for the Little Light (and the reader), the celestial beings -- Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu -- are there to help. 

The Celestial Beings are far from perfect, each with their own shortcomings -- in some sense, they could be viewed as a more-realized version of humanity, complete with arguments and limiting beliefs. Fortunately, they come together to aid the Little Light on its journey to birth on Earth. If the Celestial Beings seem familiar, it's because they are, having been written about for millennia in the myths of various cultures around the world. Sanatani, however, manages to make these beings approachable and relatable for the modern reader as she personifies them as a family and shows their flaws and doesn't sugar-coat their actions.

One of the strengths of the novel is Sanatani's writing. She manages to bring human qualities to supernatural characters without compromising their wisdom or transcendent nature.  With succinct narration and descriptive dialogue, Sanatani captures the unique characteristics of each Celestial Being -- from the impulsive to the annoying to the level-headed. The book opens with a beautiful conversation between the wise Dag and the Little Light, setting the tone of discovery for the rest of the book. Additionally, without giving it away, readers will really enjoy the clever chapter titles (hint: there is a theme)! For those who are curious (or who hate cliff-hanger endings), I'm happy to report The Little Light's ending is enjoyable and satisfying, but leaves enough questions to be answered in a sequel.

Another strength of the story is its theme. Although the book is an enjoyable read, it's not mindless entertainment -- it makes you think, contemplate, and grow. Sanatani explores reincarnation, mythology, and cosmology in a fun, approachable way that makes you relish the experience of learning. While reading the book, I often found myself looking up aspects of mythology mentioned in the book -- not because I needed clarification, but because I was curious and wanted to learn more. In a recent author interview, Sanatani cites her influences as J.K. Rowling and Roald Dahl. The ethereal, fantastical nature of her writing, although certainly her own style, certainly demonstrates some of these influences. 

In summary, if you're a fan of young adult novels with a fascinating spiritual/mythology element, you will love 
The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family by Dipa Sanatani.

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Author Dipa Sanatani.
An excerpt from The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family:
“Stop calling me, ‘my son’,” Mercury says haughtily. “I have a name, you know.” 
“Must you always talk back?” the Sun says in anger. 
“Must you always treat me like an extension of you?” 
“I am your father…” 
Oh no, the F word again. Like clockwork, Mercury immediately stops listening. He mischievously puts on a smile and nods, politely saying 'umm hmm' now and then… 
“Is he always this way?” the Little Light whispers in Mercury’s ear. 
“Believe it or not, he’s mellowed,” Mercury whispers back. “He used to be even worse. Thankfully, the humans stopped building temples for him. His ego was even bigger back then." 
“What are you two talking about?” the Sun barks.  
“Nothing important,” Mercury says, quickly changing the topic. “Enough with our father-son squabbles. We must begin manifestation.” 
“Ah, of course,” the Sun says. “My apologies, Little Light. Please give me your hand.” 
The Little Light stretches its silhouette-like hand towards the Sun. The Sun tenderly takes the Little Light’s hand in his. The Sun is so large that the Little Light's adult astral body looks like a three-year old child next to his. 
"Ah...," the Sun says, sensing the Little Light's soul mission. "Your light is far warmer and brighter than what I've seen in generations... In fact, since…."
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Liberty Man by Brad Livengood

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About the Book
Brad Livengood's Liberty Man is a heartfelt novel set during the American Revolution. The story follows protagonist Gabriel Brower who, although at first glance is just an average blue-collar worker trying to get through a trying period, suddenly finds himself face-to-face with William Kinney -- an American Revolution soldier ... who has been dead for more than a century.

The reader learns about William's affecting story, including a quest to find his  lost love who has been kidnapped by the Major. Readers are exposed to, not only the historical elements of the American Revolution time period, but themes that transcend time period -- such as friendship, love, sadness, and death. The universal mysteries of the human condition are explored with an engaging narrative that keeps your attention from start to finish. Livengood intertwines the stories of Gabriel and William, showing the reader their differences, but more importantly, their similarities. With succinct, concise narration and affecting dialogue between two people from different time periods, Livengood layers his writing, creating a central narrative thread from separate stories. He explores themes central to American history, such as liberty, as well as elements of the Gospel and the search for redemption. One of Livengood's strengths is writing characters that are flawed but likable -- partially because we can see pieces of ourselves within them. 

If you are a fan of historical fiction novels that explore deep truths with complicated characters, then Liberty Man by Brad Livengood is worth checking out!

An excerpt from Liberty Man:
January 30, 1781
We march as silent practitioners in the eternal madness of war, slashing through a sea of Carolina mud. Willingly we profane the sanctity of life. Willingly we emerge from the dawn as objects of loathing, as we turn our backs on home and abundance to join in this miserable carnival of torment, this final eclipse of light. 
We are called to a halt, although still in formation. We rest our chins on the tompions of our weapons. General Davidson and his staff splash by us on their horses, directing us toward the Catawba. The British are upon us. I imagine the might of their tread like the rumblings of an earthquake coming toward us, sweeping all in their path. It is whispered that we are to hold them at the fords of the river. This is a preposterous assumption, for we have barely one hundred fifty souls in our column. The reality soon becomes clear. We are to be sacrificed. 
The men are nervously conversational. Some whisper of home and their families. Some speak quietly of death, as if they do not wish the fates to hear of their conversation. Andrew muses about honor, concerned, like many, of how he will meet the onslaught. Do we die ingloriously, crumpled in the mud? Or shall our bones be remembered, our memory admired? 
“Quiet in the ranks,” our captain shouts. “We are close enough to give away our position.” 
I am so weary that I stumble and lean against Scipio. I feel I am dying in small increments.

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Sanguine-Love by Iva Schubart

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About the Book
Iva Schubart's new self-help/biography book, titled, “Sanguine-Love," is a powerful book written from the author's personal experience with the Law of Attraction. The author has lived all over the world -- born in Egypt, raised in the Czech republic and then migrated to the Netherlands. She shares her personal struggles and challenges and what she learned that helped her overcome them. Once she turned 50, she gained a new perspective on life that gave her a renewed sense of focus, energy and determination. With her Bohemian perspective, she writes in a simple manner, sharing techniques, exercises and powerful thoughts that can help the reader overcome all of the challenges life has to offer. Schubart's guidance is not limited to just the basic self-help domains -- but includes advice on looking young, feeling young, getting closer to loved ones, achieving your goals, having more energy, continually learning and so much more. If you're looking for a one-stop-shop book on self-love written by someone who has learned from experience, you will love Schubart's "Sanguine-Love." 

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Hart & Seoul by Kristen Burnham

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About the Book
Kristen Burnham's "Hart & Seoul" is the book every fan of young adult novels dreams of.

The story follows Merilee Hart -- an ordinary girl who finds solace in art following her mother's leaving. Her life turns upside down, however, when her neighbor's mysterious nephew, Lee,  arrives in town. He's intriguing in more ways than one. Come to find out, he's a superstar member of a k-pop group. When Merri's dreams crash around her, she is drawn to Lee more than ever. As a superstar of Thunder, the world's biggest k-pop group, Lee has a lot on his hands. Can Merri handle what he brings to the table? One thing is certain -- her life as she knows it has changed ...

"Hart & Seoul" has it all -- lovable characters, a unique relationship, twists and turns, and an approachable writing style. Burnham writes in a manner that is relatable yet imaginative. You'll soon be rooting for Merri, hoping she can figure out how to move forward -- both in her relationship with Lee and in accomplishing her goals. We can learn a thing or two from her ... while still enjoying the dream-like quality her life assumes after she meets Lee. If you're a fan of fast-paced young adult / contemporary romance novels, you'll enjoy this k-pop-infused YA novel! Check out "Hart & Seoul" -- you won't regret it!

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The Singing Guru by Kamla K. Kapur

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About the Book
Kamla K. Kapur's T"HE SINGING GURU, Legends and Adventures of Guru Nanak, the First Sikh" is a historical fiction novel that will inspire and intrigue you from start to finish. One of the strengths of this book is the expert blend of fiction, history, and mythology. It really connects the reader with the ancient world while building a bridge to modern applications. The story follows spiritual master Guru Nanak who founded the Sikh religion and is revered by other religions. This is an engaging tale that will make you want to read more by teaching important morals with palatable, fascinating story telling.

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A Simple Guide to Child Support Redemption by Mike R. Aikins

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About the Book
Mike R. Aikins's "A Simple Guide to Child Support Redemption" is a resource for non-custodial parents trying to navigate the child support system.The book is organized perfectly with verifiable resources, documented solutions, interviews with victims of the system and more. You'll learn about case law, Title IV-A and D and work through practice questions to ensure you grasp the information. If you want to get your involvement with the child support system back on track, get this book and educate yourself. Knowledge is power -- and this book will give you all the information you need.

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Stillborn: The Legend of Pontianak and Other Supernatural Ghost Stories by Dr. Elmi Zukarnain

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About the Book
Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman's “Stillborn - The Legend of Pontianak and Other Supernatural Ghost Stories" is a collection of short stories that is sure to delight horror fans. The book contains eleven ghastly stories. Filled with supernatural elements and scary scenes, the book will keep you up late at night, unable to stop reading even though you're scared to leave your bed. The mix of stories is eclectic and the writing is gripping. Horror hinges on quality writing to capture the chilling scenes, and Dr. Elmi Zukarnain Osman doesn't disappoint!

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ALPEROSE by Michel F. Bolle

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About the Book
Michel F. Bolle's "ALPEROSE" is a beautifully written love story that fans of romance are sure to enjoy. The story follows Alice, the owner of a flower shop, and Robert, a businessman, who are two opposites that run into each other while both are lost in the Swiss Alps.

One of the strengths of the book is that the plot is filled with twists and turns. The writing is both engaging and surprising, taking you on a journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Additionally, the story is inspiring and touching with lots of heart-warming moments. The two protagonists, Alice and Robert, are wonderfully written. Bolle found away to write them so that they really come to life, and the reader will have no problem relating to them and rooting for their success. The characters are relatable, but not predictable, so you'll want to keep reading until the end. 

If you're a romance fan, you'll surely enjoy "ALPEROSE" by Michel F. Bolle. The book will be released in German during the next three months. Stay tuned for details!

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Focus: Learn How To Concentrate for Maximum Results by Ronald E. McKnight, CPC

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About the Book
Ronald E. McKnight, CPC, in "Focus: Learn How To Concentrate for Maximum Results," provides a step-by-step guide on various techniques for improving your focus and concentration. The book opens with what is focus and what are the benefits of good focus.

The book also outlines the pitfalls of having bad focus and some of the reasons we are unable to focus. Additionally, the book goes into various techniques and strategies for improving focus. For more severe focus issues, McKnight outlines supplement and medication options that may help. The greatest strength of the book is that it is an interactive book. McKnight asks readers to write down their goals and visions and each chapter has a section for you to take action and set your goals. So this book will not only help you build self-discipline and focus, but it will help you have a clearer vision of your life. If you're looking to improve your focus and concentration, as well as iron out your life goals, then "Focus: Learn How To Concentrate for Maximum Results" is the book for you!

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Epiphany Marketing by Dr. Maisha Cobb

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About the Book
"Epiphany Marketing: The Heart of Marketing Starts at Your Core Business / Leadership / Marketing," by Dr. Maisha Cobb, is a marketing book that teaches you how to get your marketing plan for your organization/business back in the right direction. With the increasing importance of digital marketing, Dr. Maisha Cobb emphasizes the need to go back to your core/heart values to stay relevant and connected to your organization. Get back on the path of fresh marketing with this book!

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