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Meditation for Beginners (Secret Meditating Techniques to Unlock Your Hidden Potential) by Abigail Mason

"Meditation for Beginners (Secret Meditating Techniques to Unlock Your Hidden Potential)", by Abigail Mason, is a comprehensive how-to book on meditation.

One of the strengths of the 61-page book is that it introduces the reader to the practice of meditation slowly, rather than just diving straight into the nitty-gritty.

The reader learns about what happens to the mind during meditation, why one should meditate, and other pertinent information.

When Mason offers instructions on how to meditate, she uses clear, easy-to-follow writing, which makes it easy to put her words into practice.

Mason covers the range of different types of meditation, from transcendental meditation to Christian meditation.

The greatest strength of the work, however, is that the author offers advice on how to implement meditation practically.

The author knows that many readers lead busy lives, and she includes directions on how to incorporate quick meditations into a hectic schedule.

Overall, this book is great for anyone looking to meditate, or anyone who has some meditation experience but would like to learn about new ways to meditate.

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