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Keeping Minds: A Seductively Sexy Story About the Human Brain by Vinal Lang

"Keeping Minds: A Seductively Sexy Story About the Human Brain," by Vinal Lang, is a story about two people discovering their past and present together.

The confident, dreamy Bern is a young, successful artist with a memory problem that prohibits him from remembering much beyond two years ago.

He sees a reserved, bookish neurologist, Anna, in hopes of finding a way to manage his memory loss.
When the Anna invites Bern to a cocktail party, the two begin a journey, filled with drugs, sex, and secrets, that ultimately reveals mind-jarring secrets.

Lang's writing is incredibly engaging throughout the book, with just the right amount of dialogue and narration.

The characters are realistic yet interesting, and the author has clearly done his research on the characters' endeavors (e.g. Anna's neuroscience projects).

The greatest strength of the book is its pacing -- there is the perfect balance of slow and fast-paced parts.

The eclectic book makes it perfect for any adults who like suspense books with realistic characters and racy moments.

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