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Supernatural Hero by Eran Gadot

"Supernatural Hero," by Eran Gadot, is an adventure and fantasy children's book (for ages 9 to 12) about a sixth-grade boy meeting the challenges of youth.

Andy, the main character, is a thoughtful, bookish boy with a crush on the most popular girl in the class.

While he is trying to determine how to approach her, his grandpa, the person he is closest with, dies from cancer.

The death is traumatizing, but it allows Andy to realize his power to communicate with the dead, which is a catalyst for a number of important changes in Andy's life.

The writing in "Supernatural Hero" is perfect for young readers, with just the right amount of easy and challenging words.

The book is written in a way that children can relate to.

Gadot does a wonderful job of channeling the thought processes of junior high students.

"Supernatural Hero," although a fun read, touches on a number of important topics, such as  low self-esteem and bullying, in a way that is inspiring, informative, and approachable.

Because of its plot, characters, and themes, "Supernatural Hero" is a must-read for any young reader, especially those struggling with the process of growing up.

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