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The Dining Doctor by Joey Bradshaw

"The Dining Doctor" does what it says on the cover -- teaches the reader, in a concise yet thorough manner, how to treat and prevent bad service.

The author, Joey Bradshaw, has been a server for many years, which is apparent in the writing.

The book covers a number of ways of how to improve service in a variety of situations, such as what to do if you are going to hold a party at a restaurant.

Bradshaw writes about what to do to prevent bad service when ordering food or drinks.

He also writes about what to do after you have received bad service, such as an appetizer does not come out.

Although at 17 pages the book is fairly short, it is packed full of information to make your dining experience a pleasant one.

The book ends with a very to-the-point summary of the book's ten recommendations, which could act as a quick checklist for any diner.

Overall, "The Dining Doctor" is recommended for anyone looking to get the most out of their dining experience, whether they are looking to host a party at a big restaurant or enjoy a quiet meal at the local cantina.

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