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Phases of Passion Series by Melissa F. Hart

melissa f. hart, phasses of passion, paranormal romance werewolf
Melissa F. Hart's Phases of Passion series will hook you from the beginning and keep you reading until you finish the series.

The protagonist is Erin, a young woman who falls for the new guy at the office, Sean. Sean is handsome yet mysterious. When Erin and Sean enjoy a steamy night together, Erin is sent on an emotional roller coaster ride, involving dark secrets and danger, that she could have never imagined. I'm glad I bought this series as a boxed set because I really enjoyed finishing each book and immediately moving onto the next one.

Erin and Sean have great chemistry, although they have ups and downs. The author, Melissa F. Hart, does a great job incorporating the paranormal element into the book. Each book ends with a cliffhanger, so be prepared to NEED to read each subsequent book. I'd recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a new paranormal romance series.

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