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Celtic Stars by Delaney Rhodes

celtic stars, Delaney Rhodes, celtic novel
"Celtic Stars," by Delaney Rhodes, book 4 in the Celtic Steel series, is a paranormal romance set in 15th century island. Picking up where "Celtic Skies" left off, "Celtic Stars" delves into the lives of Jamie Burke, Darina O'Malley, and Flynn Montgomery. 

The story arc with Darina is my favorite in this book, although the whole book had me hooked (read it in two days). For those not familiar with the series, it mixes Celtic mythology with romance and suspense. I'd recommend you start at book 1, but it won't take you long to get up to speed. 

Rhodes really uses her writing skills in "Celtic Stars" to draw you into the story, and she does an excellent job weaving the various story arcs into one cohesive story. The series hasn't been released as fast I'd like due to situations in the author's personal life, but "Celtic Stars" more than makes up for any delays. I'd recommend this book to any fans of the Celtic Steel series!

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