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Winning Glory by Ann Gimpel

ann gimpel, winning glory
"Winning Glory," by Ann Gimpel, (book 1 of the GenTech Rebellion series) is a romantic suspense filled with twists and turns. The protagonist, Glory, is a genetically modified human -- a result of the government's experiments to create something to battle terrorism. But the project went awry, and Glory is on the run.

Glory finds herself on the run in the dead of winter when she's discovered by CIA agent Roy Kincaid, a man devoted to hunting those created by the experiment ... Glory included. An encounter you'd expect to end in a battle blossoms into love. Gimpel writes a story of unlikely lovers that has you wondering what will happen next. The chemistry between the two is unique and held my interest the entire book. I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys both suspense and romance in a novel.

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