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The Fantasy Maker by Emily Kendricks

the fantasy maker, emily kendricks, women's fantasies
Emily Kendricks' "The Fantasy Maker" is a romance (with lots of suspense) about a woman who gets in over her head.

Steve and Emma have a wonderful marriage ... at least initially. Things change once the children coming along, and soon, Steve is dedicated to his work and absent at home. As the two drift apart, Emma finds herself at secretive club where women go to make their fantasies a reality.

After a few steamy sessions with her fantasy maker,  the handsome, exotic Dante, Emma realizes that the relationship is becoming more than just a physical fling ... she's falling in love.

Unfortunately for Emma, there is no easy solution to this predicament. Kendricks writes a story that is fun and engaging with a unique premise. The suspense deepens as Emma gets more involved with Dante, and the plot twists and turns quite a bit. If you like romance and suspense, you'll enjoy "The Fantasy Maker."

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  1. Excellent story. I was hooked from the first page. Sexy, steamy with great suspense. 50 Shades fans will love this one.