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In Too Deep by Stella Rhys

in too deep, stella rhys, erotic romance
Stella Rhys' “In Too Deep” is a romance novel about a young woman who discovers her longtime boyfriend, Jackson Kinsley, is cheating on her…right before their engagement. When 26-year-old Lara sees the video of her boyfriend, Jackson, cheating on her with his boss’s daughter, she freaks out.

Fortunately, Lara is able to recover emotionally, and soon finds herself involved with the handsome Jake…Jackson’s brother. The chemistry between Lara and Jake is steamy to say the least. The eclectic cast of characters keeps the story moving forward as lots of entertaining drama develops. Rhys does a great job of developing the characters’ back stories so you feel a connection with them. I also liked that the author put a lot of effort into capturing the Manhattan social scene. If you’re looking for a steamy new romance, I’d recommend this book to you.

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