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Stolen Hearts by Andrea R. Cooper

stolen hearts, andrea r. cooper, cop romance
Andrea R. Cooper’s “Stolen Hearts,” book 1 in the Hearts Series, is a romantic suspense novel that grips you from the start and doesn’t let you go until you’ve finished the book. When new-to-town detective Kade begins investigating thief-with-plans-for-revenge Crystal, sparks fly.

Kade is a careful, thoughtful detective who is determined to get to the bottom of a mysterious set of burglaries targeting the board members of a wealthy company. Crystal, however, is an employee of the victimized company who steals to get more information about the man who had her parents murdered. Cooper does an excellent job writing believable, interesting characters that you want to learn more about. I was rooting for Kade and Crystal, though they have so many obstacles in their way.

The pacing of the book is on point, with adequate time spent on developing back stories while still giving the reader plenty of twists and turns. The plot kept me engaged, wanting to learn more, and the ending of the book is satisfying, but leaves you wanting to read the next book. (I know I will.) I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for a fresh romantic suspense novel with a fun, engaging plot.

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