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House of Secrets (A Bletchley Park Novella) by W. Len

w. len, house of secrets, a bletchley park novella
W. Len's "House of Secrets" is a historical fiction novella about the protagonist's time in Bletchley Park, the location of the English codebreakers attempting to crack the Nazi code known as Enigma. The protagonist, Robin, just wants the war to be over so studies can resume, but ends up tied up in the codebreaking effort.

"House of Secrets" is written in the style of a diary, which lets the reader see the experience of joining the codebreaking effort through the eyes of a newcomer. The famous Alan Turing is also in the book, and it was fascinating to see Len's portrayal of him. Len does a great job of breaking up the seriousness of the novella with moments of humor. If you like WW2 historical fiction, you'll enjoy this book.

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