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Three Faces of Sex by Stella Ralfini

Stella Ralfini's "Three Faces of Sex" is a book that tells you how to spice up your sex life in a variety of ways. The author, life coach Stella Ralfini, has been a tantric guide and practitioner (she's even studied in India) since the 1990s, and her decades of experience show in the book.

Having worked with hundreds of couples, Stella knows how to make couples ignite the physical aspect of their relationship. Stella really covers the gambit in this book, writing on every topic from sex positions to fantasy scenarios.

At the core of this book is getting to know your partner, and learning to meet each other's needs. Much of Stella's work is based on philosophies learned in India, but has been improved and adjusted by Stella after her years of working with clients.

The book is incredibly easy to read and implement, and have shared the book with my wife.

Stella's philosophy is essential for keeping the physical aspect of a relationship going.

This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to make changes in their attitudes and behaviors that will ultimately improve their intimacy.

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