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The Black Chapel: A Steamy Romance Novel by Marilyn Cruise

Marilyn Cruise’s “The Black Chapel: A Steamy Romance Novel” is a young woman’s story about her inner-struggles of living a double life as a stripper, barely making ends meet, until an unexpected proposal happens that could seriously change her life.

Ms. Scarlett Hansen, a Harvard-educated woman with a master’s degree, finds herself working at The Black Chapel as a dancer, a wholly-degrading job she feels she must retain to support herself and pay off nearly a half million dollars of debt.  She carries the weights of medical bills and needed chemotherapy treatments for her ailing father, the grief from losing her mother to a car accident, her parents’ mortgage payment, and her recent ER bills.

Fully costumed to protect her identity, Scarlett transforms into her alter ego, Samantha, at the club.  After a successful night performing for clients including a real-estate billionaire named Michael Manning who lusts after Samantha and wants her personal information, Scarlett’s best friend, Anne, convinces her to attend Portland Episcopal Church the following morning.  Surprisingly, Mr. Manning shows up to sit next to Scarlett, not knowing she had danced for him!

The luring plot really kicks into gear when Michael and Scarlett are on their first date at dinner. Michael proposes marriage to Scarlett so that he might keep his terminally ill mother’s three billion dollar inheritance to split evenly with Scarlett after their divorce.  Though this plan is “heaven sent” financially, Scarlett has always dreamed of marrying for love. Will she go through with it?  Will Samantha cause problems? Will the good girl or bad girl win?

Ripe with strong character development, the books is worth purchasing for the cast of interesting characters alone. The exciting plot and steamy-hot writing (perfect for mature audiences) make this book perfect for anyone who likes their romance a bit more "adult."

“The Black Chapel” will surely delight fans of romantic adult literature and transport you to the tantalizing life and mind of Scarlett Hansen.

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