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Second Chances by Chuck Gallagher

"Second Chances - Transforming Adversity into Opportunity," by Chuck Gallagher, is an inspiring self-help book about how living with integrity can improve one's life.

Gallagher was a tax principal at a CPA firm in the 1980s when he made some bad decisions that ultimately lead to him being convicted of a white collar crime.

"Second Chances" chronicles the transformative process of this experience, showing the reader how Gallagher decided to live a life of integrity and was rewarded for it.

Gallagher's writing is compelling and inspiring; he mixes flashbacks to the events surrounding his crime with advice and inspiration.

The book is organized into chapters that each give the reader a lesson about how to transform one's life.

The central theme of the book is that, with the right mindset, anyone can turn adversity into opportunity.

Overall, this is a great self-help book for anyone who wants to make opportunities for leading a happier, more fulfilling life.

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