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Brotherly Enemies: A True Story (Memoirs of a Pro American) by Elie Nakouzi

Elie Nakouzi's "Brotherly Enemies: A True Story (Memoirs of a Pro American)" is a journalist's story about growing up in the Middle East and developing a desire to speak out against injustice.

Nakouzi's first memory was at the age of five when a gunfight broke out in his village. The war that followed affected Nakouzi at a very personal level, causing him to lose friends and family. Growing up during conflict had a profound effect on him. He began to ask lots of questions, seeking to make sense of the violence. His disgust at the way his people were fighting each other made him gravitate toward American ideologies and journalism.

Following Nakouzi on his journey toward becoming a voice of peace is insightful, fascinating, and inspiring. He deals with trial after trial to accomplish his dream, risking everything along the way. It's an informative experience reading the experience of a Middle Eastern journalist, rather than an American. Nakouzi does the perfect job of giving the reader just amount of facts. Overall, a very heartfelt, inspiring book. Recommended!

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