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Sin by Sharron Riddle

"Sin," by Sharron Riddle, is a fun-filled YA fantasy about a sixteen-year-old girl, named Sin, who goes from being an ordinary girl to being part of a magical aspect of the world that battles evil.

The plot is very engaging, not taking long before the characters are on the fantasy equivalent of a wild goose chase.

The world that Riddle has built, complete with druids, fairies, and zombies, is both approachable and imaginative.

The characters, including Sin's eccentric yet beautiful druid aunts, are well-rounded and interesting to root for.

The highlight of the book, though, is the writing.

Written in first-person, the reader gets a firsthand look into Sin's mind.

Riddle has a knack for perfectly channeling the thoughts and speech of a sixteen-year-old and putting them in a story.

If you are looking for a fresh, imaginative YA fantasy with an exciting plot and characters, then "Sin" is the perfect book for you.

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  1. Great review and a very good imagination always go hand in hand.