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Not Where I Wanna Be by Sarantos

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“Not Where I Wanna Be” by Sarantos is a creative fantasy debut novel about a 30-year-old musician named Sarantos who has dreams of singing and songwriting.

The author of “Not Where I Wanna Be” is himself a singer-songwriter who, in 2014, decided to create and release a song, music video, and book chapter each month until the day he will die, something that no other musician has done before!

Each chapter of this novel mirrors a song the author created in his first album as a solo artist, of which 33% of all music-related profits are donated to charitable organizations, such as the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association.

In Chapter 1, for example, Sarantos says that he is “not where I wanna be.” Sarantos is at sea on a small boat and dreams of being a singer and having a voice in the world, but he feels downhearted. He meets the octopus, Charity, and the griffon, Hope, who help him realize that he can achieve his dreams by taking actions to achieve them. Charity and Hope also protect Sarantos from the one-eyed pirate cyclops named Captain Fear who won’t let anyone have hopes and dreams.

The author, Sarantos, has created a fantastic fantasy experience with great characters who are just like us. We want to be authentic and live out our passion, we want to find love, and we want to live with a sense of humor and see the magic of life. “Not Where I Want To Be” also includes wonderful illustrations throughout the book that provide a magical environment for readers.

“Not Where I Wanna Be” by Sarantos is a must-read for lovers of the fantasy genre who want to see how a real-world musician has translated his songs into stories.

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