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The Heartless Game by Lola Allen

the heartless game, lola allen
“The Heartless Game,” by Lola Allen, is an urban love story, set in London, that follows a young woman as she learns the reality of relationships in adulthood.

Twenty-four-year-old Tamara Reynolds discovers many of her friendships are superficial, and begins questioning her identity, but is sparked back to life when she meets the sexy Ray-J.

One of the strengths of this book is the theme of change, which Lola Allen writes perfectly. Tamara goes through ups and downs, but it’s how she deals with them that counts, not that they happen. Another perk of Lola Allen's book is the eclectic cast of characters from the somewhat-quiet Tamara to the energetic Ray-J.

The relationship between Tamara and Ray-J is paced realistically with pushes and pull, and does include some rather steamy scenes. Allen also does an incredible job bringing London to the reader with descriptions and scenes that really capture the culture. A great read for anyone who wants a fresh urban romance written by a brilliant up-and-coming author, Lola Allen.

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