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Nightsongs: The Necropath by Christian Masters

Christian Masters' “Nightsongs: Necropath,” the first book in a series, is a horror novel with bone-chilling villains and protagonists that you root for as they move through unspeakable horrors. One of the main characters is Steven Pierce, a man battling the demons of his past and the literal monster of his present, called Gothic. He joins forces with Steven to help him discover what happened when his mother was murdered.

Unfortunately for Steven, David is a walking bundle of trouble, tied up in an affair with Steven’s wife as well as a relationship with a witch named Melissa. The eclectic characters each have their own narrative thread that slowly draws together until a horrific tapestry is woven. As I read, I felt really connected to the characters, rooting for them as I saw their impending confrontation drawing close. Without giving too much away, the end book ends in a dramatic fashion, setting up for the sequel. Recommended for anyone who wants to read a character-driven horror novel!

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