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God Has Failed Me by K.M. Lessing

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Review of "God Has Failed Me"

“God Has Failed Me,” by K.M. Lessing, is the true story of the author’s life, covering everything from her difficult relationship with her parents to her journey into the corporate workforce. The author, a self-described nihilist, writes the book from the perspective of someone who is disillusioned with society.

Lessing captures the evolution of her views as she ages with poignant writing and vivid descriptions. Sex and religion are recurring themes throughout "God Has Failed Me."

One of the more interesting topics covered in "God Has Failed Me," in my opinion, is mainstream Western romance. The author takes issue with monogamy portrayed by society. My favorite thing about the book is the author, by relaying her thoughts and experiences, makes the reader think. "God Has Failed Me" is a recommend read for anyone who wants to read a true story that’ll make you reflect on many of life’s important issues.

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