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Hopelessness by K.M. Lessing

In “Hopelessness,” part 4 in “A True Story,” K.M. Lessing once again invites readers to explore her no-holds-barred view of modern life, this time focusing on the feeling of hopelessness that arises when analyzing one’s existence. Lessing opens explaining that her book is aimed at people who find the common “escapes” from society, such as alcohol, TV, social media narcissism, etc, worthless, before diving headfirst into a combination of criticism of societal norms and reflections on her past. Some of the recurring themes revolve around religions, greed, sexuality, and shallowness, among others. A lot of the material is very relatable, such as the anecdotes about corporations nickel and diming the average American over every transaction (eg Lessing talks about the printer cartridge racket).  Compared to the other books in the series, this one covers a wider breadth of topics. The book made me thing about a lot of issues that I had considered before, but not analyzed. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to take a critical look at the way society operates and their own place within society.

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