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Evangeline | Sir Dred's Capture by Mason Renee

"Evangeline: Sir Dred's Capture," by Mason Renee, is a novel about a young lady's journey to save those she loves from an evil king. The novel opens with the protagonist, Evangeline, on the run as evil beasts called crorochers attack her village. Her parents are killed, and she finds herself on a quest to find her brother. Her quest leads her to the evil king, Dredromous, who does the unexpected...

Written in first-person, Renee does an excellent job writing a story that puts you in the head of the main character. With realistic dialogue and descriptive narration, you really get a feel for Evangeline's situation. The plot is paced well with plenty of twists and turns. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to read an engaging novel with a determined protagonist and a plot with a fantasy vibe!

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