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Going Home by Kim Welsman

“Going Home,” the first book in a series, goes where few science fiction novels have gone before – with a female protagonist and antagonist– and executes in a way that will have all science fiction fans wanting more.

Kim Welsman’s 103-page novel is set on Earth a few hundred years from the present. The plot takes off when a sage-like alien, named Sygen, appears in front of a general, bearing a powerful gift and the message that the newly emerging Agency will be tremendously harmful to Earth.

Fast forward a few years, the determined protagonist, Lyrissa, is tasked with infiltrating the hateful yet powerful Agency to get in contact with Peggy, an enigmatic being with a mysterious agenda.

The novel’s plot is relatively simple, yet intriguing and engaging. It also almost has a spy novel feel to it, with secrets, targets, and contacts.

Welsman is able to build a world that is reminiscent of present Earth, but also has plenty of futuristic components. Welsman’s creations, such as the soma-like drug Zyloftin, help move the plot forward, as well as make the world more interesting.

The writing is punchy, with relatively short sentences and paragraphs, making the book an easy yet affective read.

The novel’s usage of females in a variety of strong roles is innovative for the genre, making the novel feel refreshing.

The combination of an intriguing plot, strong writing, and a fresh take on the genre make “Going Home” a worthy buy for any science fiction fan.

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