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Her Something Impetuous by Kim Hunt Harris

Kim Hunt Harris’ “Her Something Impetuous” shines with a brilliantly humorous and romantic take on the post-divorce life of a middle-aged woman from the suburbs.

The novel follows the adventures of Karen Way, a recent divorcee whose impetuous visit to a tattoo parlor results in a cascade of gripping, steamy, and humorous events.

Karen’s relationship with a dreamy bad-boy tattoo artist, Will Corcorran, begins when she impulsively decides to get a smiley tattooed on her buttocks. Despite the lighthearted beginning, the relationship quickly heats up, and Karen finds herself navigating her first post-divorce relationship.

In addition to the novel’s romance component, a subplot involving police raids, planted drugs, and a mysterious stripper emerges, taking the reader on a wild journey as Karen and Will travel all around town, from the police station to a drag queen club and everywhere in between, to make sense of everything.

To complicate matters further, Karen’s ex-husband, the local district attorney, and his new, young, sexy fling somehow seem to be involved with Karen’s misfortunes.

The reality of the novel is one of its strongest features. Despite the chaos that accompanies the development of Karen’s relationship with Will, Karen does not neglect the more mundane parts of her life, such as baking muffins for a neighborhood association event, which Harris addresses in a gut-wrenchingly hilarious manner.

The multiple layers of action, mystery, comedy, and romance make “Her Something Impetuous” a must-read for anyone who likes to get laughs and romance from the same book.

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