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Captured by Elizabeth Bolling

Elizabeth Bolling’s “Captured” intrigues with a cocktail of suspense and romance.

The novella follows Meredith Clarke, a consultant at a small marketing firm, who has philosophical thoughts about marriage and singleness as she approaches her third year of marriage.

Her thoughts are cast in a new light when she is kidnapped at a gunpoint, and during her captivity, there is much reflection about her life and relationships.

Bolling uses multiple perspectives to tell the story, including that of Meredith’s husband, Rob Clarke.

Although the plot is relatively linear, it is written in a way that has the reader wondering what happens next.

One of highlights of the novella is Bolling’s ability to incorporate interesting details, such as the décor of the kitchen, into her writing without being boring. The details make the story feel much more real.

The dialogue of the novel is also well-written, and the exchanges between Meredith and her kidnapper, as she tries to understand him, are particularly interesting.

Being a romance novella, there is no shortage of pages dedicated to romance and sex.

With Meredith’s husband having been involved in an affair in the past, the chemistry between Meredith and her husband is pleasantly uncharacteristic of the romance genre.

At its core, the novella is a romance piece that explores the ideas of fidelity and relationships, with a suspense-filled plot moving it forward. Anyone who is a fan of the genre will love “Captured.”

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