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San Francisco Golden Crime by Kelli L. Decker

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About the Book
Kelli L. Decker's "San Francisco Golden Crime" is an edge-of-year-seat murder mystery novel set in San Francisco, California.

The story follows Mike, an architect who recently relocated to the Bay Area from Sedona, AZ, and his loyal Black Labrador, Farley. On a walk in the Marin Headlands, Farley makes a startling discovery that upends Mike and Farley's lives. 

As a suspense/mystery novel, "San Francisco Golden Crime" is filled with twists and turns. Decker is not afraid to take the reader in unexpected directions, keeping you guessing with each turn of the page. In addition to the thriller/suspense elements, Decker includes plenty of touching, heartfelt moments that make the characters feel real and connect the reader to the story. In a recent author interview, when talking about her inspiration for the sentimental aspects of the story, Decker said, "I drew from real life experiences. We all have emotions good and bad, we all have a story and with it carries happiness, sadness, scary times, connections and empathy for others, and at times the loss of life."

One of the the strengths of the novel is Decker's ability to capture the magic of San Francisco. She highlights the nature scenes of the Bay Area, such as Hawk Hill, in addition to the recognizable locations -- The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, The Sunset District, and Lombard Street. As you read the story, you become more and more engrossed in the location -- feeling as if you have been transported to San Francisco. She excels at capturing the distinct character of each region, such as the architecture in the Marina district and the relaxed vibe of the Sunset District.

Although this novel will appeal to a broad range of readers, dog lovers will particularly enjoy this story, especially Farley, the Black Labrador. He plays a major role in driving the story forward, and Decker does an excellent job of capturing the loving relationship between Mike and Farley. They have a close-knit friendship and are very in-sync with each other's needs and emotions -- something all dog lovers can relate to. 

For readers who can't get enough "San Francisco Golden Crime," rest assured, Decker has stated a sequel is on the way! If you're a fan of mystery novels with touching moments and a beautiful setting, you'll want to check out Kelli L Decker's "San Francisco Golden Crime."

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