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Who Am I? by Blake Sherrie

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About the  Book
Blake Sherrie's "Who Am I?" is a motivational children’s book that is sure to inspire children from toddler-age to elementary-school age. 

This inspiring story follows two main characters who are siblings named Evan (who is a problem solver) and Eden. Evan is an example of someone who always strives to help others! Additionally, there are two twins, named Payton and Paige. One of the strengths of the book is that is fun to read yet also has many important lessons for children. The story motivates and encourages children to explore their identity with respect for themselves and others. The story also encourages positive behavior, building character, and promotes positive self awareness. The author strives to have a lasting impact on the next generation and generations to come by building confidence and self-esteem. With fun, engaging writing,  Blake Sherrie encourages children to think smart and dream big.

In a recent writer interview, Blake Sherrie said writing the book reminded her to “Never allow fear to detour your trajectory, when life’s waiting on the one thing that most tend to avoid ... change."

blake sherrie, who am i book, motivational kid's book, motivational children's book, inspire children, encourage children, encourage kid's lit, quien soy book
Children's motivational author Blake Sherrie.

Sherrie also said with her writing her"goal is to always inspire and encourage children to do their best. Reaching for the stars should be a challenge but, they can have fun in the process." Sherrie cites her writing influences as Dr. Seuss, Hans Augusto, and Margret Rey. Her imaginative story-telling is testament to her influences! 

Another strength of "Who Am I?" is the colorful, eye-catching illustrations done by Christina Brown. They complement the wonderful story and are sure to keep even the youngest of children engaged with the story. The illustrations help young readers learn the lesson of loving themselves and treating people how they want to be treated.

One of the most interesting aspects of the book is that is in two languages! Whether you're bilingual or just speak English or Spanish, you'll love being able to read the book in two languages. In fact, you can even learn Spanish or English from the book! Children, who are especially good at learning a new language, will enjoy practicing words in a new language! 

Sherrie's passion for children's literature is evident in the writing. Although she initially started writing a manuscript for adults, her love of working with children and inspiring them compelled her to write stories that motivate children and teach them valuable lessons. For fans of Sherrie's work, they will be delighted to know she is working on a character book series with a book about teamwork and another on helping others.

If you're looking for an inspiring, fun children's book that will inspire and motivate children, then look no further than "Who Am I?" by Blake Sherrie.

About the Author 

Blake Sherrie is a children’s author who writes motivational help book that inspire students. She is a native of Baltimore that believes in times of uncertainty and negativity we all must remember these two words---dignity and respect. She believes you must never lose focus because dignity and respect for one another will surpass the evil that you encounter in some people’s hearts. You can contact me via email at 

Book Description

“Who Am I?” is a motivational book encouraging children to explore their identity through respect for self and others, positive behavior, and character building. Promoting positive self awareness will have a lasting impact on our next generation and generations to follow. Let’s inspire the youth in your life to affirm who they are with confidence! 

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