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Andrew's Nursery Rhymes and Rhymes by Andrew Grey

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About the Book
We are excited to share a new post about "Andrew's Nursery Rhymes and Rhymes" by Andrew Grey. Nursery rhymes are a staple of most people's childhood, from "Humpty Dumpty" to "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Almost all children have wonderful memories about nursery rhymes. Grey contributes to the genre with his own collection or fun rhymes that kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy. The rhymes are imaginative and unique. Whether you have a toddler learning to read on his or her own or you're a parent looking for a bedtime story, you'll enjoy this one-of-a-kind collection of rhymes. The illustrations by Tim Hogan add another element to the book with vivid, attention-grabbing illustrations throughout the book. There are a number of great nursery rhymes in this book, but "Rick the Stick" is one that is sure to be a favorite of the readers! If you like entertaining nursery rhymes, then check out "Andrew's Nursery Rhymes and Rhymes" by Andrew Grey!

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