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Sanguine-Love by Iva Schubart

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About the Book
Iva Schubart's new self-help/biography book, titled, “Sanguine-Love," is a powerful book written from the author's personal experience with the Law of Attraction. The author has lived all over the world -- born in Egypt, raised in the Czech republic and then migrated to the Netherlands. She shares her personal struggles and challenges and what she learned that helped her overcome them. Once she turned 50, she gained a new perspective on life that gave her a renewed sense of focus, energy and determination. With her Bohemian perspective, she writes in a simple manner, sharing techniques, exercises and powerful thoughts that can help the reader overcome all of the challenges life has to offer. Schubart's guidance is not limited to just the basic self-help domains -- but includes advice on looking young, feeling young, getting closer to loved ones, achieving your goals, having more energy, continually learning and so much more. If you're looking for a one-stop-shop book on self-love written by someone who has learned from experience, you will love Schubart's "Sanguine-Love." 

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