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Focus: Learn How To Concentrate for Maximum Results by Ronald E. McKnight, CPC

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About the Book
Ronald E. McKnight, CPC, in "Focus: Learn How To Concentrate for Maximum Results," provides a step-by-step guide on various techniques for improving your focus and concentration. The book opens with what is focus and what are the benefits of good focus.

The book also outlines the pitfalls of having bad focus and some of the reasons we are unable to focus. Additionally, the book goes into various techniques and strategies for improving focus. For more severe focus issues, McKnight outlines supplement and medication options that may help. The greatest strength of the book is that it is an interactive book. McKnight asks readers to write down their goals and visions and each chapter has a section for you to take action and set your goals. So this book will not only help you build self-discipline and focus, but it will help you have a clearer vision of your life. If you're looking to improve your focus and concentration, as well as iron out your life goals, then "Focus: Learn How To Concentrate for Maximum Results" is the book for you!

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