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Hart & Seoul by Kristen Burnham

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About the Book
Kristen Burnham's "Hart & Seoul" is the book every fan of young adult novels dreams of.

The story follows Merilee Hart -- an ordinary girl who finds solace in art following her mother's leaving. Her life turns upside down, however, when her neighbor's mysterious nephew, Lee,  arrives in town. He's intriguing in more ways than one. Come to find out, he's a superstar member of a k-pop group. When Merri's dreams crash around her, she is drawn to Lee more than ever. As a superstar of Thunder, the world's biggest k-pop group, Lee has a lot on his hands. Can Merri handle what he brings to the table? One thing is certain -- her life as she knows it has changed ...

"Hart & Seoul" has it all -- lovable characters, a unique relationship, twists and turns, and an approachable writing style. Burnham writes in a manner that is relatable yet imaginative. You'll soon be rooting for Merri, hoping she can figure out how to move forward -- both in her relationship with Lee and in accomplishing her goals. We can learn a thing or two from her ... while still enjoying the dream-like quality her life assumes after she meets Lee. If you're a fan of fast-paced young adult / contemporary romance novels, you'll enjoy this k-pop-infused YA novel! Check out "Hart & Seoul" -- you won't regret it!

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