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Satin Shorts by George Snyder

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George Snyder's "Satin Shorts" is a novel about a man named Eddie who can’t seem to get away from complicated relationships. For one, his wife Phillis shot him. Secondly, while he was in jail serving time for being a thief, she hooked up with his business partner, Nick.

Now that he’s back out, Nick has another plan in mind to two-time him, while trying to distract him with a prostitute. Eddie enjoys more than just the prostitute’s body however, and the two become romantically involved. Meanwhile, Eddie and Nick are involved in a bank robbery involving lots of money and multiple accomplices. Things get heated when there is a hitch in the robbery and Eddie is stuck in charge and calling the shots.

The money from the robbery causes more issues than Eddie had ever imagined, and the reader gets to find out with Eddie what’s in store for him. Betrayal, love, and lust are all themes that are found in this novel. The novel is an easy read, with believable dialogue and a fast-moving plot.

If you're an adult who is looking to read a novel about crime from a crook's perspective, then "Satin Shorts" is an excellent read.

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