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Second Memories by Takatsu

secondhand memories, takatsu, cell phone novel
Takatsu's "Secondhand Memories" is a beautifully written novel novel about two young lovers, Seiji and Aoi. As a cell phone novel, Takatsu employs sparse prose and short, poetic chapters to tell the story of love and growing up. "Secondhand Memories" made history when it was first released, revolutionizing cell phone novels.

Although I wasn't introduced to the book back when it first came out, I can see why it was so influential, and I'm glad to have found it during is re-release. The minimalist language really draws you into the emotions of the characters. I found myself rooting for Seiji and Aoi through their challenges, as well as reminiscing about my own experience growing up.

If you want to read a touching love story that is inspiringly written with a unique style, then look no further than "Secondhand Memories."

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