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Bones of Skeleton Creek by Eric Wilder

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Eric Wilder's “Bones of Skeleton Creek” follows cowboy detective Buck McDivit to investigate the mysterious deaths of cows on a wealthy rancher’s land. As Buck dives into the mystery, he finds himself face-to-face with a gang of career criminals tied up in everything from oil theft to meth distribution.

He also meets the enigmatic Esme whose allure rivals only that of her mystery. When strange happenings that can only be explained by the paranormal emerge, Buck finds himself forced to investigate that which he doesn’t believe.

“Bones of Skeleton Creek” is a fun, light read. Buck is an energetic character with a thirst for romance (there are a few adult scenes) and adventure. The mystery isn’t extremely complicated, but it kept my interest from start to interest. The author, Eric Wilder, does a good job of setting the scene for the reader through out the book.

A fantastic read for anyone who wants a light read with mystery, suspense, and some romance!

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